Fish-Eye in NYC: Using my newest lens!

My fish-eye lens was shipped just in time for Nathalie and Michael’s Manhattan photo shoot.   Kris and I arrived a little early for the shoot and caught a few images in the city on our way to meet them.  I love the wideness and distortion of the lens, and the clarity, too.  It’s so much fun to use!!!




nycfisheyeblog-100^here comes the sun 😉


^ speeding taxis and the Beatles, love love love.


And speaking of love, here is mine– see him in the top right?  That’s how tall he really is, ha!

Shout out to Kris: my husband, my best friend, my business partner– the absolute best!  Without him I would not be able to do what I do!

2 thoughts on “Fish-Eye in NYC: Using my newest lens!”

  1. Beautifully distorted. Reminds me of the never-ending curvature of our universe as well as our own reality in some sense.

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