Hauser Winery Engagement Photographer: Stef & Jake

California Residents Stef & Jake are wine connoisseurs, so when in PA for their engagement photos, what better place to capture their love of each other and fine wine than the beautiful Hauser Winery and Estate located just outside of Gettysburg (yes brides, Hauser does hold weddings & receptions!).  We were able to explore the charming grounds as well as the wine cellar and even have a wine tasting.  Enjoy!
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Down to the wine cellar…

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Thanks for checking them out!  Feel free to leave a comment, I love getting them 🙂

5 thoughts on “Hauser Winery Engagement Photographer: Stef & Jake”

  1. Lisa, the photos look awesome–we are so happy with how they turned out! The family is already asking how they can purchase some prints. Can you email me that information? BTW, my favorite is definitely the one with the pond. So excited for September!

  2. Debbie Newcombe

    Once again your photos have captured the spirit and emotion of this beautiful couple. The pond shot is incredile and unqiue. You are simply amazing!

  3. Elisabeth Houseknecht

    I love Jake and Stef’s engagement pictures! Your pictures capture how happy they are. I especially like your use of black and white for some of them. You are very talented and creative. I was thrilled when they chose you to be their photographer and I can’t wait to see you again at the wedding!

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