Network Banquet: Community Outreach

Network Ministries has been a vital to our community for almost 20 years, equipping the most vulnerable children & teens in our community with skills necessary for academic achievement, life management and spiritual growth.   During the banquet teens spoke about the profound impact Network has had on their lives– keeping them off the streets and out of trouble, helping them know the importance of education and equipping them for college, breaking down walls of racism and violence, giving them focus and hope for the future, awesome!



I have had the pleasure of watching the kids that were in second grade progress to graduation as my closest friend, Melissa, dedicated 10 years of her life to Network.  Tonight she was presented with an award for her 10 years of service, the first Network employee ever to earn that honor.

Network offers after school programs, step teams, street leaders, and even a garden program where kids garden & sell their wares at the local market– they throw a party for the community and serve fresh dishes made from the Network garden.  Here are a few girls from the Alpha Step Team:

Enters the charismatic Young Life speaker, Bill Paige:



Now to the serious side– raising funds to keep the ministry going for another year:




And the kids after party– they celebrate around the keyboard:

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  1. From 10 years ago. Just happened to land here due to an email we received this morning.
    So very cool to see this again. Thank you for capturing this night so well, Lisa! 🙂

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