Laura & Luke: Chambersburg Country Wedding

So I’ve heard of purple mountains, but never seen them quite like this, against new spring grass and goldenrod with a touch of blue in the sky– wow, what beauty can be found in the small town of Saint Thomas, Pa.   After seeing me in action at a friend’s wedding,  Laura & Luke contacted me about photographing theirs.  They wanted simple, clean photos– he liked how my black & white photos emphasize emotion & she loved my use of vibrant color.



Holding hands with her mom^


Laura & Luke each wrote a letter to read before the ceremony^


^ Her father was holding her so tight, this is right before he passed her hand to Luke

lauralukeblog-115lauralukeblog-116lauralukeblog-117lauralukeblog-118lauralukeblog-119lauralukeblog-120lauralukeblog-121lauralukeblog-202lauralukeblog-123lauralukeblog-124lauralukeblog-3001 lauralukeblog-126lauralukeblog-127lauralukeblog-203lauralukeblog-129Laura & Luke, I hope I’ve captured the clean, candid simplicity that you both wanted as well and the black and white for Luke & vibrancy for Laura!

It was great working with you both and I can’t wait to hear what you think.  Thanks everyone else for checking them out, too– feel free to comment!

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  1. great job, lisa! love all of these — my favorite is the dip under that awesome tree. a beautiful wedding!

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