Addison Park Wedding Photographer: Lori & Thomas

You may remember Lori & Thomas from their Manhattan “foodie” engagement.  Their wedding was held at the grand Addison Park and the food was just as exquisite as you would expect.   From artisan cheeses, sushi & signature cocktails, to thousands of Swarovski crystals, there was not a detail overlooked.  Their friends were fabulous and fun and their families are close-knit and came ready to party (yes even grandma got down on the dance floor)!

^ Her “something blue”


Thomas watching Lori’s father escort Lori down the aisle, what a beautiful reaction!


I love being able to see the expressions of the groomsmen here^ and the altar boys below (I’ve never seen them clap before– so adorable!)


Toast to the happy couple on their way to Addison Park!


^ A cake topper in their likeness– love it!!!



rainbow ^


Her brother teased that the speech would have to be as long as their engagement– ha!!!


Lori had a special dance with her mom


^ Grandma getting down– love it!


How sweet it is!


Thomas and Lori thanks for sharing your special day for me!   Everyone, please feel free to leave comments– I’m excited to hear what you think!

20 thoughts on “Addison Park Wedding Photographer: Lori & Thomas”

  1. Carol Lovaglio

    Who can cover so much ground, take such beautiful artistic shots and not even be seen…….. Lisa your amazing !!! This mother of the bride is very pleased.

  2. Marlena Lovaglio

    Spectacular photos! My cousin looks beautiful, as always! 🙂 Amazing wedding pictures, great job, Lisa!

  3. All the pictures are so unique and catches the real feelings. My handsome son and so beautiful daughter-in-law certainly made the perfect choice. Thank you Lisa. The mother of the groom is also very pleased….

  4. Amazing job with both the engagement and wedding photos.
    -The guy that held your drink on the party bus

  5. Ok so it’s about time the bride comments….As Lisa knows, I told her there are simply no words for the photos from our wedding. “Stunning”, “Breathtaking, and “Gorgeous” come to mind but even those don’t do them justice. Lisa, not only are you greatest pleasure to work with and an artist at it’s highest regard but you have etched our wedding day in these photographs in a way that will always bring us the happiness, tears and complete joy flooding back for the rest of our lives. Actually, I’ve thought of a word….”Priceless.” Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  6. Christina Salerno

    What beautiful pictures!! They are really stunning!! I especially love the one with the rainbow in it!! Lisa you do amazing work!!

  7. Lisa, I was not at the wedding. I live upstate NY, but my sister
    went to wedding w/her family & is sister-in-law to Carol Lovaglio
    and aunt to LoriAnn. She forward me today the whole complete set
    which I just spent hours viewing 1169 pictures. I loved the slide and more so, because it didn’t go so fast but it kept the
    pace. Your photography work & artistic flair is beyond words. I
    have never in my life seen wedding pictures like what I just witnessed. I felt like I was at the wedding myself. You covered
    every single phase of the wedding, plus the engagement, and all the rest I got to see. You didn’t miss a beat and one was more
    beautiful than the other. How can you choose a favorite. They were all magnificent. LoriAnn was stunning as well as her groom
    Thomas. Gorgeous couple, gorgeous wedding and this was as top of the line as it could get. Everything & every photo was absolutely
    spectacular. Incredible photography & wish you were around 45 yrs.ago when I got married. What a wonderful memory for Lori & Tom to look back on in years to come during their married life.
    Lucky them to have found you. Your work is out of sight & so happy Carol sent them to me to view & I am putting them in my
    “save file.” Everything was splendid. I have to thank Carol for sharing this with me as I love brides, I love weddings & so glad
    to see everyone in their gowns, church, wedding reception, and
    every detail that you covered. Wonderful job. Arlene Greve

  8. These pictures are beautiful! Great work! Looks like you really captured all the special moments of the day!
    I absolutely love the flowers and centerpieces — who was the florist!?

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