Shippensburg Senior Portrait Photographer: Madeline

There is a depth and surreal-ness to Madeline.  She is a free spirit and offers a unique perspective that is truly her own.  Her words are genuine and her thoughts are deep and often unexpected, her point of view is beyond interesting.  One of her favorite places to hang out is the Thought Lot, it is everything from an art gallery to farmers market to local music venue, so it was a perfect place to start our shoot.

shippensburg-senior-portrait-photographer-100shippensburg-senior-portrait-photographer-101-3shippensburg-senior-portrait-photographer-102-3shippensburg-senior-portrait-photographer-300Madeline is Vegan, so incorporate fruits and veggies was key. 😉



^A little yoga


All she needs are wings here ^



6 thoughts on “Shippensburg Senior Portrait Photographer: Madeline”

  1. Carol Lovaglio

    Ok….. I want to know did you go to school for photography or are you just blessed with this keen eye and also when did you first realize I think I’ve got it !!!!
    I keep looking for my favorite , aside from Lori’s wedding : ) and each time when I think I found it along comes another & another.
    Madeline’s – every single pic ! she must be so happy with the results. yoga pose…. all she needs are wings…. the last one…. all just amazing.

  2. Oh wow.. These are absolutely incredible. You captured her spirit wonderfully. The one of her sitting on the fallen tree is gorgeous! Well, they all are really. Awesome!

  3. Jacqueline K. Perdas

    I would love to see more of this shoot! Madeline is captured beautifully in your images. I feel her presence most in the two B/W’s with the dandelion and the hand-art play. How such a tiny part of her becomes her whole being is a blend of your talent, Madeline, and your special relationship with each other.

  4. Madeline has such beautiful eyes!! Your description of her at the beginning is spot on. The faerie pose pic is amazing! The yoga pic is also incredible. Love!

  5. These are amazing Lisa! Thank you again. You did an incredible job at really capturing Madeline’s spirit and beauty. So many of her interests and loves captured in a gorgeous manner. (I’m just surprised not to see one with her ukulele….yet??) Wonderful!

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