Chambersburg Family Photographer: Meet Mike, Laurie & Charlie

Baby-bump, mini-Snow White and sushi– as Laurie & Mike expect baby #2, they wanted to capture this time with their little girl, Charlie.  She is full of energy, humor, intelligence and affection– she’s a lover of princess dresses  and sushi (she’s much better than most adults at using chopsticks)!  Laurie and Mike, it was a pleasure getting to meet you and Charlie and I wish you all the best in the exciting months ahead!

I *love* this image:


Love that pregnant glow, Laurie you are gorgeous!!!


Laurie & Mike have always enjoyed going out for sushi together and they have been bringing Charlie along since she was a baby.  Charlie hopped right up, grabbed her chop sticks and started digging right in like a pro, so cute!


She even fed mommy!! haha


Thanks for checking out the pics– can’t wait to hear what you think!

1 thought on “Chambersburg Family Photographer: Meet Mike, Laurie & Charlie”

  1. Carol Lovaglio

    Charlie kissing belly -wanted to cry, just PERFECT ! Charlie kissing her daddy on the cheek- pure joy, Looking down on table -the family eating – great shot. nice…very nice .

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