Cape May Engagement Photographer: Christina & Michael Part One

Christina and Michael had two very different vintage styles that they wanted for their engagement photos so we had two separate shoots– one at the Queen Victoria B&B in Cape May (Christina’s choice) with a 1940’s “Notebook” sort of vibe and another at the Starlux in Wildwood that suited Michael’s 1960’s retro taste.   These show the vintage feel of the Queen Victoria and the sweet and refined nature of this couple (Christina’s dress is by Miss Patina of London).


6 thoughts on “Cape May Engagement Photographer: Christina & Michael Part One”

  1. OHHHHHH MY….. I could imagine the rest !!!!!
    Cap on Michael outside the window with Chris smiling ,Curtain in window, smile
    on Chris, just perfect and natural looking – My favorite !
    Tea time – colors, cozy , sweet.
    Kissing in doorway outside house – beautiful.
    Ring with Sherry – I always love ALL your ring shots Lisa.
    Nice ideas Christina. Beautiful work as always Lisa.
    More ! More ! Can’t wait to see Michael’s 60’s !

  2. Lauri A. Salerno

    OMG-absolutely amazing!!Lisa you are the best photographer! You start out with a narrative that is so on the mark of each couple & then you capture the personalities of each couple.Amazing! I can feel the love of Christina & Michael jumping right out of the photos! Yes,I cried-beautiful absolutly an amazing job!I love them all!You have a gift-God Bless You!
    Can’t wait for the rest!!

  3. Theresa Antinoro

    P.S……..my mom sayas you both look beautiful and the pictures are gorgeous! Can’t wait for the wedding!

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