Lehigh Valley Engagement Photographer: Asli & Matt

A fast car and international travel along with cookie baking and goofy dance moves– Matt and Asli both share sophisticated tastes and playful spirits.  From Asli making mischievous eyes that have Matt grinning from ear-to-ear, to Matt picking a flower for Asli’s hair, it was beautiful to see how both of them can be so lighthearted.  This couple has a lot to look forward to, including uniting two cultures with their upcoming marriage.  Congratulations, guys!

Does Matt like driving fast cars? Hmmm check out the rear view.  😉


Cookie time!  I was impressed with the way that Matt was able to add their initials in icing ^.  Notice anything reflected in the bowl below?


3 thoughts on “Lehigh Valley Engagement Photographer: Asli & Matt”

  1. Very nice Lisa ! mixing bowl with surroundings, I love that ! As always last one window background beautiful ! congrats to the couple : ) I’m sure the rest are amazing.

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