Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographer: Kyrie & Andrew’s Stormy Country Wedding

60 mph winds and 100% chance of rain as the forecast for your OUTDOOR wedding– it is probably a bride’s worst nightmare.  But in all honesty, this was one of the most romantic weddings I have ever witnessed.  Kyrie’s diy decor and whimsical country style was absolutely charming, but what blew me away (aside from the wind, haha)  was close-knit family love, their patience, hope and optimism for this wedding day and for this young couple.

Their whimsical country decor included vintage keys, books and china and even a monogrammed “door-knob boquet”


Wind and dark skies turned into a downpour.  The tent held tables set with silver, crystal & china started to collapse, but family and friends ran out and held up the tent poles in the rain, waiting for the storm to pass.   Below one man runs out to help as he does, he is reflected in the rain drops:


The scene inside the house included people chatting, drying off and Kyrie waiting by the window, hoping for the best:


There was a lull in the storm, it hadn’t stopped raining, but the weather was much more agreeable.  Kyrie decided to get married outside as planned, she slipped on rainboots and was ready to go  😉  It was one of those lemons-into-lemonade situations and one of the most beautiful and romantic ceremonies I have witnessed, it certainly felt like a “movie moment” and really shows the character of this couple & the support that they have in their family and friends.


There were a wide variety of games and activities (croquet, ladder golf, etc) face painting was popular, especially with the boys:


5 thoughts on “Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographer: Kyrie & Andrew’s Stormy Country Wedding”

  1. Showed my son… he said thats sick, which means thats GREAT !
    Wonderful job Lisa of a very nice wedding.
    Shot from above of umbrella’s around bride & groom.
    LOVE – the line with dress and baby outfit on it with the dog – Just a Wow & my Fave ! Groom kicking heels, color one with path & cornfields holding umbrella, B & W one also. The wheel barrel with the guys! Rain drop !

  2. Lisa, these are absolutely incredible– you captured our story and families so perfectly! Instead of looking back and thinking “wet!” I will look at these beautiful photos and be reminded of how loved we felt on our wedding day. Thank you for joining us in the pouring rain to take these. I think I was the happiest drenched bride ever 🙂

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