Band Photographer: Wh/te l/ke f/re Album Photography

When Blake & Tyler from rock and roll band, Wh/te L/ke f/re, contacted me about shooting their album cover, I was pretty excited.  They enjoyed the creativity of my work and how it feels unique and human.  When I asked them for the feel they were going for with their photos they wanted something fun, real, raw and fresh… Blake elaborated “like grinning with a black eye, like floating through space, like typewriters and triumph motorcycles”.  I got it, and here are a few of my favorites from their set… which do you think made the album cover?

^ Tyler (left) and Blake (right) are brothers.  This is obvious.  But this image makes it abundantly clear.


These guys actually constructed a mirrored cube to use for this part of the shoot:



This shoot was almost a year ago, I waited to post their photos publicly until their album was recorded and their video was live etc, so you can see everything (including which of my images ended up on the album cover) here.  I highly recommend watching their video– love it, guys!!!!

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