What is an After Session?

An After Session is a photography session for the bride and groom, after the wedding day that captures the couple’s romantic images.  It allows more time, flexibility and is a more affordable option than full wedding day coverage.   It is photographed by me personally and held on a weekday following the wedding.  There are several reasons why couples schedule an After Session.  Here are just a few…Why schedule an After Session?  

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Availability: I get hundreds of wedding inquiries a year but have a limited number of weekends available, so if you are  a couple that loves my work and the unique high-quality images I provide, but I am not available for your wedding date, scheduling an After Session is an option for you.
Affordability:  On average, after shoot couples budget roughly 1/3 of what my wedding clients do for their photography and purchase a similar amount of photography products (albums, prints, etc).  This is possible because an after shoot is not full-day weekend coverage.
Location:  While wedding day photos are typically held at your wedding venue, you can choose to have your After Session at your venue or  choose any location… wedding day photos might  be difficult to get in a destination like Times Square, the beach, a winery, a fair, a stunning hotel or resort (even one that was outside of your budget or too far a distance for all of your guests to travel), the place where you first met… the possibilities are endless.   This couple was able to have me capture their images on-location at the breathtaking University where they met, while their actual wedding ceremony was held with their families on the other side of the world (see more of their After Session here):
Timing:  Wedding days are tightly scheduled, it is very seldom that I have two hours to work with the bride and groom alone on their wedding day, especially during a period when there is ideal lighting.   The after session  allows us that and the luxury of getting more comfortable in front of the camera, more time to get the most flattering angles and focus on just the two of you.
Flexibility: a wedding day is going to happen, rain, shine, snow, an After Session can be rescheduled if need be.  Also time of day can impact the look of the photos… maybe you want soft golden lighting in your photos but the ceremony is in the winter after-dark, the After Session might be a good option.
Family/Friends: If your romantic portraits are taken on a different day at a different time, this can free up your wedding day to focus more on spending time with the people who are so seldom gathered together  on your wedding day.
Dress: Your wedding day is over, you are not planning to wear your wedding gown again, so you can get a little more gutsy with locations, poses, etc.  Some people really get playful, like Cassie and Oren (see more of their waterfall session here):

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After Session Review by Carmen…
“As a little girl I would dream of my wedding day, I would imagine incredible images of my husband and I and being able to share those with our children someday. When I started planning my wedding I knew I wanted to hire the best photographer– I looked at dozens of photographers and when I came across Lisa’s pictures, we feel in love with her work and knew she had to be “the one”.  When I found out she was booked for our wedding date I was devastated! She described having an “after session” and honestly it couldn’t have worked out more perfectly!
As a young couple, paying for the wedding ourselves, we did not have a huge budget, so hiring an excellent photographer and getting high quality albums and prints would have been a stretch, but Lisa’s after session made all of that affordable. An after session would work for anyone on a budget or for anyone who wants a more relaxed atmosphere on their wedding day. Our wedding day was awesome but busy, there were so many people waiting to see us that it would have been hard to give this type of attention to photography, the after session did not feel rushed in any way, we had time to get comfortable and creative. We also had to reschedule our after session because of rain, rescheduling our wedding day wouldn’t be an option.
I would highly recommend an after session for anyone looking for amazing photography at an affordable price that allows for more flexibility. We had so much fun and loved every minute of the shoot, Lisa was amazing to work with! She took time to get to know us, and we could tell that she cared, she made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. She is creative, professional, friendly, and once we had spent 20 minutes with her we felt like we had known her forever. If she is booked for your date, like she was for ours, don’t pass up this opportunity to work with her! At the end of the day, it’s having lasting and beautiful images of you and your husband that matter most, so go for it!”
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View more images from Carmen & Eddie’s After Session here.

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