Best of 2012 Slideshow

First off, a huge thank you to my clients, family, friends and fans– you have made 2012 the best year ever!!! It is your support that allows me to do what I do best. Your referrals are the greatest compliment I ever receive.
A huge shout out to my husband and best friend, Kris. He has been to every wedding with me. He is the strength that you don’t see, the one behind the scenes making this all possible. Seriously, he broke his foot playing basketball this summer and even though he was on crutches, he continued to be there for me– he’s *that* dedicated.
Of the 36,944 images snapped by us in 2012, these are a hundred-ish of my favorites. In this set of images, you will:
exchange vows in the rain, climb a human pyramid, crowd surf, ride a carousel, paddle a canoe, defy gravity, toss paint, break-dance, tackle/attempt a tackle, release butterflies, ride piggyback, smoke Cuban cigars, ride in a wheelbarrow, drive a Harley and more.

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