Family Portrait Photographer: Amanda and Nelson Are Expecting!!!

If you are a regular follower on my blog, you may remember Amanda and Nelson,  as I have photographed their engagement, wedding, and engagement/weddings of family members too, so they have made quite a few appearances here… what a pleasure it was for me to capture the next big moment in their lives as they anticipate their family growing to include Analisa.  To see them in their home, with their dogs and with a freshly painted nursery ready to welcome their first child– what a joy, thanks for inviting me along for the ride!!!


Her name is a combination of Nelson and Amanda’s grandmothers names ^  Ana from Nelson’s grandma and Lisa from Amanda’s– really sweet!


Right now thier dogs are used to getting all the attention– I think Emily will be fine, but I think Castanha really believes that she is the baby, haha!


As far as cravings it’s been all oranges for Amanda:


Amanda, you are gorgeous!!!


Nursery is all ready for this little one!



Nelson and Amanda, as always I wish you and your family the very best.  Little Analisa is very lucky to have you as parents!!!

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