Lehigh University Wedding Photographer: Xu & ShanShan

Romance, commitment and an epic love story ūüėČ ¬†…
Meet Xu & Shanshan two PhD students (and soon-to-be graduates) at Lehigh University who met while 6,000 miles from home. ¬†Shanshan caught Xu’s eye while he was busy working on his research project… his only free time was Friday evening and he would spend it in the hallway¬†waiting for¬†Shanshan to finish her shift at the dining hall and walk her home. ¬† ¬† After 2 years (yes *two years*) of Friday night waits/walks, Shashan expressed how homesick she was for her¬†friends¬†and family back in China and shared that she was considering returning home. ¬†She asked Xu, “How will you spend your Friday nights if I go back to China?” ¬†He replied “I will probably spend my Friday nights lingering around the University Center, hoping to see you appear with your apron in your hand and tell me that it is time to go home.” ¬†Xu was surprised to see that his answer filled her eyes with tears. ¬†She decided to stay– Xu was amazed by her courage and her belief in¬†their¬†love.
They wanted¬†their¬†wedding photos to capture the unique, ethereal essence of their story, I only hope these images meet¬†that¬†challenge…

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