Sayre Mansion Wedding Photographer: Caroline & Adam

Caroline & Adam are bright, relaxed people with great taste and a kindness and sensitivity that is rare.  The day was enriched by special details like the vows they wrote for each other and by Caroline’s British traditions: horse shoes, her great-great grandmother’s gown and group photo that had me 15 feet up in the air on a ladder, haha.  Caroline & Adam’s wedding was extra-ordinary in how smoothly everything flowed together, part was that it was a beautiful day and that there was no traveling involved (preparations, ceremony and receptions were all on the gorgeous Sayre Mansion’s grounds), and Caroline & Adam’s demeanor… it was also the professionals that they trusted on their day.   I really don’t talk much about wedding vendors here, but truly they need to be mentioned in this case as they are AMAZING and probably the best crew I have worked with to date:  chiefly Carrie Ohlandt with the stunning Sayre Mansion (who also recommended all these vendors, including Rhinehart Photography,  to our happy couple), String Quartet- Penn Strings, Lois Heckman- Officiant, Allium Floral Design, Piece ‘a Cake, and Karen Hunter Catering— all are in or near the Lehigh Valley.
doesn’t it feel like you can pick one of these boutonnieres up right through the screen?

The first look:

^ See the handkerchief wrapping her bouquet ?  It was made from her mother’s great-grandmother’s wedding gown, she was married in London in 1891.

sisters ^


The vows that Caroline & Adam wrote for each other: “I promise to be your friend, companion and lover, your ally in conflict, your greatest fan and your toughest adversary, your comrade in adventure, your student and your teacher, your consolation in disappointment, your accomplice in mischief, and best friend. From this day forward I give you my commitment and trust, and I am proud to become your husband/wife.”


horse shoe exchange (above) and the photo that required me standing on a 15′ ladder– a formal photo of all the guests is a British tradition (below)

cocktail hour:

Caroline & Adam enjoy fantasy novels and I wanted to capture that surreal, fairy-tale feeling for them, their “happily ever after”:

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