Gettysburg Family Photographer: Pritty Family

This Canadian family has fallen in love with the quaint, historic town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Katelyn contacted me about photographing their annual vacation there, as it is such a significant place for their family…. Janice, Katelyn’s  mother,started going to Gettysburg as a child, her parents were introduced to the town during their vacation travels from Canada to Florida.  What started as a random overnight stay over 50 years ago, has become a yearly family tradition for the past 50 years.  What an honor it was for me to capture this for them!

While most people who contact me about photographing them in Gettyburg request to leave the monuments and cannons out of the photos, the Pritty family specifically wanted them in, as they love to tour the battle field and learn about the history of the Civil War.


Teehee, reenacting at their favorite statue^  and checking out the view from atop the Pennsylvania monument to see on for their favorite spots:


Striking a pose– Katelyn and Janice are into dance — so Katelyn is in the ballet posture and Janice in her tap stance:


Eric and Blake participate in a special Gettysburg cigar tradition:


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