Chambersburg Family Photographer: Vanarsdale Family

You may remember the VanArsdale family from Nicolas’ baby shoot 2 years ago… well now they have welcomed a new little one into their family, baby Joseph and wanted to add to their wall collection of family photos!  I can’t believe how much Nico has grown– he’s a total riot: from pretending to be a baseball player, doctor & rock-star to imagining the deck is a pirate ship!  Joey is adorable, sweet, friendly and mellow.  He has the most adorable baby rolls and the most pleasant demeanor.  So interesting to look at these boys and see how much Nicolas looks like mom and Joey looks like dad.

Nicolas’ pirate ship (aka the stairs that lead up to the deck)


“Shhhhhhh joey is sleeping”:


^ What a doll!!!  Seriously, he is so cute he doesn’t even look real!


Nicolas loves to use his imagination– he does a great job staying “in character”…


Tom, you are an amazing dad!!! Then rock-star Nico– love it!!!!


^ Tom is all-about baseball and it looks like Nico is following suit

chambersburg-family-photographer-317chambersburg-family-photographer-318chambersburg-family-photographer-319 I’m wishing you guys all the best and am excited to see how the new prints look on your wall!

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