Harrisburg Wedding Photographer: Khoa & Tina are engaged

Khoa and Tina are such a perfect fit for each other.  Their love is sweet, playful and reserved.  They are very respectful of each other and like all things comfy, cozy and cute.   I think you will love this romantic, elegant, sweet couple…
800 miles of distance can be rough, seeing each other only 3-4 times a year can be tougher, but their deep faith grounds these two.  Khoa and Tina have fast paced lives, so when they are together they like to take it easy, relax, enjoy  simple pleasures.  They often go out for coffee– the warm drinks, the sweet conversation… there is something subtle and romantic about it, which fits these two well.
We chose to meet at a new coffee shop that just opened up a few blocks from my home, it’s called One Bean and it’s inside the Shippen Place Hotel next to the University Grille, the staff was wonderful– it was the perfect place to start their engagement shoot:   harrisburg-wedding-photographer-101harrisburg-wedding-photographer-102-2
Tina loves the romance and elegance of Breakfast at Tiffany’s she likes the vintage, sweet, timeless nature of the film and of love… we gathered some inspiration from the movie for the shoot, not in copying poses from the movie, but just in the feeling that the images give you:
Khoa and Tina’s friend created the art work below especailly for them.  If you look closely you can see that khoa is made up of a map of Pennsylvania and Tina is made of a map of Vermont.  This sweet, hand-made artwork shows how they are separated geographically, but their love unites them 😉

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