Shippensburg Family Portrait Photographer: Wiser Family

The Wiser family is growing!  You may remember their family session two years ago when Blake was a baby– it involved quite possibly the sweetest dog in the world and baby Blake posed on a motorcycle(!).   Now Blake is the big brother, and adorable Addie is welcomed into the world; rather than riding a motorcycle, Blake is sporting a motorcycle sweater.  We met at their home again, right before they move into a new one, some key elements there (dad’s favorite under-the-stairs bookcase, the nursery window, the back yard fence) as well as all of their fun, family interactions.  Yes, their dog, Jackson, does make an appearance or two.  Wisers, it was a pleasure photographing you all again, see you again in two years at your new place? 😉 hehe
Sometimes it’s the little moments, like tying Blake’s shoes for him (oh and this is the under-the-stair bookcase that Sam likes so much).  I love to capture different “sides” of people’s personalities, here you can see his more serious side– he looks like a protective big brother here, and *those eyes*– you can also see Addie’s happy, bubbly nature, what a little cutie!
Blake is opening the gate “all by himself” to get to his favorite buddy and best friend, Jackson.  Their close relationship goes way back, even to when Blake was still in the crib, and if you haven’t checked out the last set of images, you have to see the one of Jackson resting his paw on Blake’s chest, here— it’s maybe the 5th image down.  What a sweet dog, seriously, you’d almost swear he is human!
Addie holding Daddy’s hand!  It is unreal how quickly they grow up, and I love to capture these little moments.

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