Rated one of the top 50 wedding photographers in the world!!!!!!!!!

Oh my, what a huge honor, I cannot believe Fearless Photographers listed me as one of the top 50 wedding photographers in the world for 2013!!!!!!!!!

My international award-winning images have ranked me as #1 in Pennsylvania and in the top 50 wedding photographers worldwide.


Fearless Photographer rankings are based on the number of international photography awards given by several panels of judges throughout the course of the year.  Winning photographs are chosen for showing creative imagery, bold storytelling and consistent vision.   Narrowing the top wedding photographers across the globe into a group of fifty takes time and there are several steps in the year-long process.  

First, I had to submit my overall portfolio for review, honestly my goal for this year was just to get my portfolio approved.  Once approved, I was able to submit several images to the competition for the first round.  There are  six rounds of judging, so a collection of award-winning images is curated every two months through the course of the year.  For an image to be chosen into a collection and receive a Fearless Award it must be unanimously voted in by the entire panel of judges.   Award-winning collections are curated by top photographers from all over the globe who are looking for creative, well-executed images that they believe “redefine wedding photography.”  In the interest of keeping the judging as impartial as possible, images are anonymous, the panel of curators changes for each collection, and there are rules/limits (especially on photo-shopping etc).  Of the pre-approved photographers, for the 6th collection there were over 10,000 photographs entered and only 279 winning images chosen– two of those were mine ;).

Seriously, I don’t know what to say! Thanks for all your support! Congrats to the others on the top 50 list!

Only images that are unanimously voted in by the entire judges panel receive awards.  Here are my award winning images, click on any of them to see more images from that wedding or to read each couple’s wedding story:

From Kyrie and Andrew’s Stormy Country Wedding
From Max & Julia’s seaside wedding
From Geri & Nick’s historic estate wedding
From Kyrie & Andrew’s stormy country Wedding
From Lori & Thomas’ Addison Park wedding
From Eileen & Kevin’s winter wedding

I’d like to give out a huge thank you to my husband, Kris, for all of his support, my friends, family, genepeeps (you know who you are) and for anyone out there who is following my work. Again, thanks for all of your support and congratulations to the others on the top 50 list!

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