Introducing the new Rhinehart Photography Logo!!!

I decided it was time to polish up my logo, streamline it and make sure it conveys Rhinehart Photography at a glance.
I specialize in “capturing the uniqueness of you,” so I wanted the heart logo to truly be unique, if you look closely there is even an L inside (slight Lisa trademark there) haha.   I also turned to my past clients for feedback on what drew them to Rhinehart Photography.  They liked the unique, colorful, high-quality images and found me to be creative, friendly, honest, organized … I wanted to make sure my logo conveyed those things.  I have always been drawn to red and rounded corners so I knew that would be staying, though I had some fun playing with the shade of red.   I worked with an awesome graphic designer and am so happy with the results!
Well here it is guys, please leave comments I’d love to hear what you think! 

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