NYC Senior Portrait Photographer: Margaret in Central Park

Snow-covered central park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and a very special story and *surprise* you won’t want to miss this…
When Margaret’s mother, Meghan,  contacted me about her idea, to surprise her daughter with a trip to NYC, I knew it was going to be awesome.  She shared that Margaret was the only child for the first 16 years of her life, they spent so much time together and traveled often (Grand Canyon, the Rocky Mountains, Hawaii, etc).  When mom had a second child things changed and they were missing that one-on-one time and all the family trips that they used to take together.   Margaret has always wanted to visit NYC, but with a new baby in their home in suburban Ohio, it just wasn’t realistic.  For her high school graduation Meghan wanted to do something incredibly unique and special for Margaret and show her how much her parents care for her.  Quite frankly they wanted to blow her away, and they did.  
They were watching TV on night,  Meghan thinks it was an opening scene of CSI, in the background there was someone photographing their senior portraits in NYC, and Margaret mentioned, “Wow, how cool would that be?”  Meghan didn’t say anything, but made a mental note and started searching for photographers in NYC– she came across some of my previous work.  Her husband is a photography buff, and together they decided to hire me and plan an amazing senior trip for Margaret.   Meghan planned a weekend getaway for the two of them that started with a hotel in Times Square, a shopping trip on 5th Avenue, hair and make-up at a spa and ended with having her senior portraits captured in Central Park.  Margaret loves to travel, is free-spirited and a  total social butterfly– she was absolutely in her element in New York City…
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I  captured a few images of Margaret with the result from her 5th Avenue shopping trip, an incredibly classic/chic monogrammed Louis Vuitton bag. 

nyc-senior-portrait-photographers-104nyc-senior-portrait-photographers-103 nyc-senior-portrait-photographer-1101nyc-senior-portrait-photographers-105Margaret with her mom, Meghan.  This is certainly a trip that they will never forget!   nyc-senior-portrait-photographer-1131

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