Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer: Amanda & Eric

Surprise fireworks, cheerful gerbera daisies and fond memories of her father… Amanda and Eric are two compassionate, loving individuals that were married at East Kane United Methodist Church and celebrated at the Kane Country Club in north-western Pennsylvania.
Amanda recently lost her father in a tragic accident — it was of utmost importance for Amanda to honor her father during her wedding day.  He would wear Hawaiian shirts on vacation; Amanda found one that was orange and blue (her wedding colors) and wrapped a piece of it around her bouquet so that her dad could be with her to walk down the aisle. Her father collected “wheat pennies” (you’ll see how I included those in the photos in a moment). He also wanted to do something over-the-top for Amanda on her wedding day, so he arranged to end the night with fireworks.  It is very clear that Amanda treasures her father and that he treasured her as well, and that they both found ways to show how much they care for eachother, even though he wasn’t able to be physically present.
From the bright color scheme to hand written vows, from the “Fresh Prince” dance to fireworks and memories of her dad– Amanda and Eric’s day was unique and perfectly suited to fit them.  Here are a few highlights:

Her father collected “wheat pennies.”  When Amanda was a little girl, her father would give her a quarter for every penny she found with wheat on the back. You can see several of those pennies here.


Something borrowed something blue… both Amanda’s grandmother and Amanda’s mother wore blue wedding dresses, Amanda had a bow from her mother’s dress stitched on the inside of her dress as something blue and she also had the buttons from Amanda’s grandmother’s dress placed on the back of her dress…


Time for the first look!!!!


What adorable flower girls!!! Amanda’s Aunt *made* their dresses!!!

best-pennsylvania-wedding-photographer-123Amanda and Eric wrote their own vows, personalized promises to each other. They wrote them independent of each other and were amazed at how similar they were!best-pennsylvania-wedding-photographer-124best-pennsylvania-wedding-photographer-117best-pennsylvania-wedding-photographer-116


Eric helped to support Amanda’s vision for their big day in several ways, one was by helping to turn her idea of a lantern covered ceiling into a reality

best-pennsylvania-wedding-photographer-106 best-pennsylvania-wedding-photographer-128best-pennsylvania-wedding-photographer-129

Amanda and her brother knew thier dance (in place of the father daughter dance) would be emotional for thier mom, as her husbands’ passing was recent, so they decided they needed the emotional part to be quick and then do something fun that would make her smile. It’s hard to choreograph a routine from across the country, so they chose something that they remembered from their childhood– Will Smith and Carlton’s dance from Fresh Prince of Bel Air, haha. The music changed tempo and everything– all those teary eyes turned to happy tears. It was very sweet.


One of Amanda’s bridesmaids, Kim Jezak is a professional pastry chef and created a special cake for Amanda,(it was gluten free, tasted fantastic and perfectly fit the orange and blue polkadot theme.)


Amanda teaching her mom a dance 🙂


Amanda’s dad wanted to do one big over-the-top thing for Amanda on her wedding day, so he arranged to end the night with fireworks. It is very clear that Amanda treasures her father and found ways to honor him during her big day and that he treasured her as well, and found ways to show her how much he cares even though he wasn’t able to be physically present.  Amanda and Eric, I wish you all the best on all of your days to come!  Thank you for choosing to have me share your wedding day along side of you!


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