Shippensburg Senior Portrait Photographer: Jake

Classic rock instruments, an old warehouse and a driven musician… Jake wanted his senior photos to reflect his passion for old school rock and roll music.  From the Beatles and Dylan, to Miles Davis and BB King to the Strokes and Radiohead, he is inspired by it all.  He knew he wouldn’t want the typical lush outdoor photos, and was looking for something that would feel slightly dark and as if it were taken out of the music eras that he is drawn to.   We met at the Thought Lot, an old warehouse which has been converted into a contemporary arts center with a stage and gallery space.  Jake has even played there in the past.  It is amazing to see the wide variety of instruments that he plays!





Jake I wish you all the best with your very bright future, starting with your political science studies at Colgate.  You rock.  🙂

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