Shippensburg Engagement Photographer: Natalie & Alex

Natalie & Alex are both hunters and wanted to incorporate the woods, fields, mountains (and rifles!) into their engagement session.  The two were initially “set-up” by a friend who knew they both enjoyed hunting, so that common ground was important at the start of their relationship and continues to be  how they spend a good deal of their free time.
Alex and his dad made Natalie her own little fort of haybales (with a roof!) for her to use when she hunts on his family’s land.  She might be known to take the occasional nap in her cozy space haha, but don’t underestimate her, she’s a sharpshooter with both a rifle and bow– deer, turkey etc have all taken note ;).   Alex & Natalie enjoy getting away from the rest of the world for a bit and taking in the peacefulness of the woods and spending that time together.  Here they are at Natalie’s Uncle Tom’s cabin and the surrounding land:

^ Love this charming smirk that Alex has, you can tell he is absolutely head over heels for Natalie, and it’s very sweet.


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