Currituck Club Wedding Photographer Corolla: Meg & Mike

An Outer Banks beach wedding that has been over *FIFTY YEARS* in the making– seriously what an inspiring story!!!
Mike and Meghan’s grandfathers met in the air force.  Mike’s grandfather taught Meghan’s grandfather how the computer system worked in EC 121 radar  planes and their friendship developed from there.  Mike’s grandfather would invite Meghan’s grandfather’s family to celebrate holidays with his family because they were on base away from their own relatives over the holidays.   They always joked that someday they would merge the families.
Over the years their families became very close and would invite each other to weddings etc, so as babies Meghan and Mike would be in the same place at the same time though they actually lived on opposite sides of the country (Mike in Maryland and Meghan in Minnesota).  The two families got back together for a joint family reunion at the beach 12 years ago.  Meghan and Mike were only 14 at the time, but they definitely caught each other’s eye!
Astonishingly, that cross-country teenage romance blossomed lasted for twelve years and resulted in the wedding you are about to see.  Here are the grandfathers who started it all, and the happy couple 😉
As teens, Meg and Mike kept in touch and would talk on the phone and chat via AOL instant messenger.  When Meghan was 18, she flew out to visit Mike.  They were asking each other silly questions, and Mike asked Meghan if she could have one super power what it would be, she said she would love to fly.  Michael asked, “Like Peter Pan?” She laughed b/c Mike is like Peter Pan, full of energy, charming, fun and someone who will never grow up ;).
Then being the smooth talker that he is Mike said, “If I was Peter Pan, you would be my Wendy.”  Very clever, especially for an 18 year old kid!  Meghan is incredibly clear-headed, kind and nurturing, just like Wendy in the books, so it was absolutely fitting and became their running joke.   Michael played into that by buying Meghan a thimble as their “first kiss,” now they collect thimbles from each place that they visit.  One of the reasons I’m drawn to this image of Meghan is because of the shadow, it’s almost disappearing ;).
Because of Meghan and Mike’s love of water and because they first met at the beach with their families, they wanted to go back to the beach, 12 years later, with their families, but this time solidifying that family union through marriage!
Meghan gives her maid of honor a high-five, moments before seeing Mike for the first time during the “first look”.  She was absolutely giddy with excitement, it was adorable.  This scene was surreal and one of the many beautiful backdrops provided by the Currituck Club in Corolla North Carolina.
They both love country music and the laid back lifestyle so jeans and cowboy boots were a must for Mike and Meghan carried that rustic theme through all of the ceremony and reception decor.   They set up this antique dresser underneath the branches of a large tree.  It held sunglasses for all the guests, tissues, etc.
Meghan’s father passed away from Cancer when she was only thirteen, so her grandfather has always been a strong male figure in her life and instrumental in she and Mike’s relationship.  He was honored to escort her down the aisle.  He shared, “Late one night not long after you were born, you were awake crying and nobody heard you.  I got up and brought you downstairs to sit with me in my chair and that’s when I promised you that I would always take care of you.”
I love the driftwood and hydrangea sculptures!  Below are Mike’s hand-written vows that he read during the ceremony.  They are all so sweet, but one line that stands out is, “I promise I will walk beside you, hand and hand through all of our adventures to come”   I told you he was Peter Pan!!!  🙂
I don’t think anyone (aside from maybe Meghan & MIke) could be as happy as these two were about this union!
Meg and Mike provided sunglasses for all of their guests, and they all wore them for this large group photo.
The rustic theme continued for the guests’ place cards.  Hand-written tags, bound with twine and tied to reclaimed wood pallets.  Another clever idea was these mason jars with miniature chalkboards, which were given to guests as part of their favor.  The other half was a bottle of homemade Totse wine and a bottle of Jack Daniels.  “You’ll be my glass of wine and I’ll be your shot of whiskey”   a nod to the country song “Honey Bee.”currituck-club-wedding-photographer-corolla-124currituck-club-wedding-photographer-corolla-125
Thier cake topper is a hand-made map that represents where they came from and how they overcame the distance to be together.  Mike’s Auntie Bonnie and cousin Morgan were  disappointed that Mike did not smash cake in Meghan’s face, so  they spontaneously decided to have the fun themselves with their cupcakes.  I love everyone’s reactions!
This little man was certainly able to get down, and was a natural on the dance floor.  The Currituck Club actually has an open-air reception area which gave off an almost magical glow during twilight…  currituck-club-wedding-photographer-corolla-129currituck-club-wedding-photographer-corolla-130
Meghan and Michael, you both blew me away!  May you two always share the same passion and excitement towards each other, your life and your families as you did on your wedding day, and please never ever grow up! 😉  “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever” J.M.Barrie, from “Peter Pan.”

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