NYC Senior Portrait Photographer: Izzy- Grand Central & Brooklyn Bridge

Grand Central Station, the brooklyn bridge, a taxi cab and a fuchsia ballgown…
Izzy is one of a kind– outgoing, confident, bubbly and fun.  She’s an adventurous flyer for her school’s cheerleading squad (the one who gets thrown up in the air) and a down-to-earth AP student who has some pretty amazing goals, yet is not too proud to be a total goofball.  I’m starting out this set with Izzy peering out of an iconic NYC cab and an image that shows the spectacular windows of Grand Central Terminal and that even with all the hustle and bustle that Izzy is one who stands out from the crowd 😉
Izzy is undeniably beautiful and while she looks at home among all of the marble carvings and gold filagree, she is also likely to plop down on the floor, make herself at home and do her own thing.  Maybe it’s the clock in the background, her ballgown or studded heels, but to me the image above screams “Cinderella.” The one below shows off a little of her cheerleading swagger and reminds me of “Enchanted”  🙂
Izzy exudes confidence and I love the gorgeous skyline that now includes the completed Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center)!   I know the image below isn’t of Izzy technically, but it shows her fearlessness, her cute little nose and all that taffeta… as she climbs (yes CLIMBS)– note this was not my idea, hahaha.  I told you she is adventurous!
I guess I saved the best for last.  I love these last two images…  they show off the location and this youthful, vibrant girl who is ready to graduate from highschool and take on the world!
If you enjoyed this senior portrait session, you’ll probably enjoy the first part of Izzy’s shoot under the Manhattan Bridge, here ;).

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