Hauser Estate Winery Wedding Photographer: Beth & Federico

On top of the world on the rolling hills of Hauser Estate Winery…

Beth and Federico met in 8th grade and were close friends.  They started dating after high school and have been together ever since.  They live out of state and chose to come to me in Pennsylvania for their engagement photos.  I’ll also be photographing their wedding in New Jersey next year. 🙂
Beth was looking for something that was rustic and Federico wanted something that felt like home (Fed’s family is from Italy and wanted beautiful scenery with rolling hills and mountains like are in the Provence of Molise where they are from).  They decided on Hauser Estate Winery outside of Gettysburg.
Beth and Federico were so amazed at how well this setting worked for them, it had “Italian” hills that Fed wanted and the country feel that Beth was going for (check out the awesome truck).  I agree that we couldn’t have found a better location!!!
On the day of the shoot we had some challenging conditions, there were 15mph winds (think of blowing hair and squinting eyes) also the clouds were super-thick and would blow across the sky giving us blinding sunlight or dark shade, and dance between the two, changing in a matter of seconds.
Beth & Fed’s awesome attitudes really impressed me, they were so upbeat and content– unaffected by the circumstances.  Dealing with the light and wind meant some adjusting for all three of us, but wow, check out that sky and how beautifully the sun lit the landscape– unbelievable!!!
Federico plays in a band, so he brought his guitar along to the shoot.  Beth loves country music and even though Federico doesn’t play in a country band, the rustic aesthetic of the Hauser Grounds made Beth feel like she was in a country music video :).


Fed & Beth– I really enjoyed working with you and am so excited for your wedding day!  You two have many awesome years ahead.  🙂  Lisa

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