Glasbern Inn Wedding Photographer: Lara & Brett

This eclectic, organic wedding united a couple who started dating *in middle school* their wedding day ended with surprise fireworks provided by Lara’s dad!!!
You may remember Lara and Brett from their gorgeous Longwood Gardens engagement session.  You can visit the link to see those images and to hear more of their story, including how their relationship started in *eighth grade* when Brett asked Lara to the middle school dance :).
Lara and Brett wanted their wedding to have a elegant, eclectic, organic feel and decided on floor-length black gowns for the bridesmaids and gray tuxes for the groomsmen.  Lara had an awesome team of vendors on her side.  First off, I love working at Glasbern Inn!  It is a farm to table eatery so everything is fresh & organic including their decor.    I could go on about her other vendors, because they were all stellar, but will instead link to them throughout this blog post and start showing you the PHOTOS…
Golfing and fishing are two of Brett’s favorite hobbies.  He and several of the groomsmen share those passions and take trips together on a pretty regular basis… how awesome that they were able to watch a little golf while getting ready and enjoy the pond at Glasbern, time to gear up, guys!  🙂
Lara, you are so beautiful on the inside and out! I loved watching the bridesmaids’ reactions to seeing Lara in her wedding gown, so sweet.  Excellent job by both Jon’s Bridal by Suzanne and Lauren’s Make Up Designs.
For the ladies bouquets Lara had wanted purple, eggplant, raspberry, mauve, merlot tones that also had a garden feel– so well executed,  Ross Plants and Flowers!
These dresses hit the elegant/organic/eclectic note that Lara was going for perfectly!  They are all unique as each one is hand-wrapped by the bridesmaid to whichever shape suits her best– what an awesome idea.  I would have never thought of using the black floorlength gown for this setting, but it was just perfect and looked very sophisticated.  The dresses are by Dessy and called the Twist Wrap Dress.
The first look… check out this huge smile on Brett’s face!  Leading up to the first look Brett said he was feeling excited and nervous– he knew Lara was going to look amazing, but she looked even more amazing than he could have ever imagined.  He shared that he was happy that they chose to have a “first look” before the ceremony because it made seeing Lara for the first time more private.  It also allowed them to get all of thier photos finished before the ceremony so that after it they could get to see all of their family and friends at cocktail hour.
The braided rope basket went perfectly with their theme, but why the pencils?  Brett and Lara actually created a game on the back of the wedding program to entertain guests while they waited for the ceremony to begin.  It featured cute trivia from Lara & Brett’s story and was a nice, personal touch.  So, I told you that the florals were stunning, but how about this arch?  It’s so whimsical and romantic– such an awesome fit for this wedding!
The Elysium Spring Quartet performed as the guests were seated and as the wedding processional began.
Lara was determined to take in every moment and appreciate all that was going on around her.  She laughed, she cried, she lived in the moment and soaked it all in.  She was overwhelmed by the amazing view, beautiful weather, all of  their loved ones surrounding them, not to mention Brett and his vows!  Brett is more of an introvert, so sharing his deepest feelings in a public setting is rare and something to be treasured.  He wrote his own vows which brought tears to Lara’s eyes.
Most of my packages include a guestbook that functions both as a space for guests to sign and leave a personal message on the wedding day and a keepsake album for your favorite engagement photos (above). Below, a perfect favor for a farm to table wedding, a personal-sized local honey that is labeled “Lara & Brett: meant to bee”   They were created by Sheryl Roland, Lehigh Valley beekeeper.
Exquisite cakes were created by Colleen & Terry Laky from Piece ‘a Cake.    Lara said she was “sold” at the tasting where they sampled the flavors (Swiss buttercream icing on vanilla with lemon and raspberry filling was amazing).  Later, Colleen sketched a drawing of the cake as Lara described what she was looking for and showed them samples of the succulents that she could create out of fondant– that’s right those flowers on the cake are made out of icing!!!  The natural, artistic design was just what Lara was looking for!
Now for the cake smash… Brett was a total gentleman and good sport and let Lara get the best of him…
Lara’s dad is known as “Jimbo” by his friends and is known for his jokes and magic tricks and always has something up his sleeve.  When Lara was a little girl he hired a magician to come to her birthday parties and also used to put on little magic shows of his own for her.  Lara and Brett knew that he really wanted to make the day extra special for them and figured that he might have something planned but weren’t sure what it would be.
“Jimbo” called Lara and Brett up in front of their guests and said that true love would be able to light the lantern.  When they kissed the fireworks started.
The next image shows Lara watching the fireworks with the guests and her husband and father.  I like how her dad’s hand on his little girl’s shoulder and she has her hand up to her face, in I think what is shock and awe– what a very sweet moment! I love capturing moments like this!
Since Lara & Brett met in middle school (Springhouse Junior High to be exact) what could be more perfect than I school bus photo?  I couldn’t resist. 🙂  Lara and Brett I wish you all the best and am so happy to have had the opportunity to work with you both for your engagement and wedding photography!

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