Liberty Forge Altland House Wedding Photographer: Khoa & Tina

Two elegant, joyful souls united by their strong Christian faith and Vietnamese culture…
liberty-forge-altland-house-wedding-photographer-1011You may remember Khoa and Tina from their sweet coffee shop engagement and their romantic love story.  They are now enjoying married life, no longer separated by 800 miles, but united as one family and this is the story of their wedding day :).
Khoa and Tina were both born in Vietnam and moved to the United States as children.  They  incorporated Vietnamese elements into their day, one of which was Tina’s gorgeous Ao Dai which she changed into during the wedding reception.
They have tremendous respect to their family and friends.  That, along with their strong Christian faith played a very important role in their wedding day.  Khoa and Tina are both joyful loving people, and Tina has a very elegant and introspective side to her as well, which really shines through during her preparations:
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I love this image of Tina’s bridesmaids praying for her on the morning of her wedding.  They have been praying for her to meet her husband and she continues to pray for them as well.
As the only child, Khoa never experienced what it meant to have a brother or sister, but through the Vietnamese Alliance Church, he received unconditional love from his brothers and sisters in Christ, especially his groomsmen who were always there for him, and sacrificed their time, money and everything they could to protect him and support him.
During his Vietnamese engagement, one of them declined an opportunity to make thousands of dollars during that weekend and said to him “you only get married once, I would never miss your day for anything else.”  They taught Khoa that you don’t have to be related to be loved as a sibling.
It had been seven years since they had all been together at church and everything looked exactly the same– even the playground where they met as children in elementary school.  This seemed to really bring out the kid in them 🙂
When guests arrived at the reception they were greeted by sweet, romantic, hand-made centerpies, eggrolls and adorable Vietnamese magnets.  They made the centerpieces themselves as they both enjoy being creative, the magnets were actually crafted in Vietnam and the eggrolls were lovingly made by Khoa’s parents.
During Khoa & Tina’s first dance, sunlight shone at exactly the right angle through the window creating this stunning light– it looks almost spiritual, which is even more perfect for these two.   I love this image of Tina’s dad watching her dance, you can almost feel the love that he has for her.
Tina’s sister’s speech was emotional and genuine.  She shared about growing up and sharing each others clothes and make-up and what a joy it was for Thu, as Tina’s sister, to realize that she has finally found the man that she has been praying for all this time.
Khoa and Tina’s friends were filled with the same joyful spirit as this couple and it showed on the dance floor.   There was so much energy in teh room and lots of break dancing.  I really liked this man’s moves– it reminds me of marital arts.  🙂
Above you can see Tina wearing her So Dai– could they be more happy?  I think it’d be impossible!  Below you can see them with all of their friends on the dance floor.  What a fun group!
Khoa and Tina, it has been such a pleasure to get to know you and your family and friends!  I wish you all the very best in your very bright future!

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