Chambersburg Wedding Photographer: Laurie & Mike

A Greek wedding brimming with classic traditions and woven together with a sophisticated blush pink palette, evening gowns and classic tuxes…
Mike’s family was born in Greece and the Greek culture (language, food, etc) were all incorporated into Mike & Laurie’s wedding day.  Laurie and Mike’s wedding ceremony was held in the Greek Orthodox Church that Mike grew up in and the reception was held in the Orchards, the banquet hall of his family’s restaurant (actually the same place that Kris & I held our own wedding reception several years ago) the food is *amazing*.
Laurie & Mike  shared their concept for a chic, sophisticated gathering with the experts at Gala Event who created the aesthetic for the day including the stunning florals and J&B Bridals where Laurie found her elegant mermaid style gown.  Let’s start first with the beautiful bouquets…
The men’s formal photos were at Mike’s parents’ restaurant, The Orchards, in Chambersburg.  The location was significant to Mike and his family (many of whom were in the bridal party) who grew up in the restaurant and are involved in it to this day.  Mike (center) even went to school at the Culinary Institute of America with his cousins and continues to work in the expanding family business.  These photos were taken outside of the Orchards and at the bar, Relax.
Excited for their “first look” Mike & Laurie headed out to Wilson college.  Mike surprised her with 2 champagne flutes and a bottle of Crystal!   There was so much anticipation in that moment…
There are so many awesome images from Mike & Laurie’s first look, but I chose to share this one, you can just tell how safe Laurie feels in Mike’s arms and how much he adores her and protects her.  It just really fits them and their relationship so well…
Next to arrive were Mike & Laurie’s daughters who were the flower girls in the wedding.  You can tell that Charlie is her daddy’s little princess, he spun her around and kept telling her how beautiful she was.  Laurie scooped up Alexia and gave her a big kiss on the cheek, so sweet:chambersburg-wedding-photographer-113-2
One big happy bridal party– yes that is a bridal party of eighteen :).  Several bridal party members were also couples, so I photographed them together, too.    I love how all of their photos turned out, what beautiful couples:
Laurie & Mike were wed at St Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church in Chambersburg.  There were several Greek traditions observed at the wedding, but I will share about two in particular:
Laurie and Mike were both blessed and crowned by the priest (signifying the honor being bestowed on them and their role of king and queen of their home and children which they are to rule with wisdom, justice and integrity).  The crowns are connected by a ribbon representing their unity.
They circled the church altar three times as they were led by the priest, representing their first steps together as a married couple and following God’s way in their walk.   They were blessed by the priest again, asking God to provide them with a long, fruitful, happy life together.
Time for *dancing*  which included the famous Greek circle dance and the money dance– yes, dollar bills were literally flying through the air during the money dance!  The cash was thrown to bring the couple good luck.  Wedding guests were led by music from a live Greek band who traveled to Chambersburg all the way from Astoria, New York!
The family members’ dance moves were pretty incredible– Mike’s dad was able to literally get down and had a definite swagger :).  I wanted to capture the motion of the dance and highlight the money to really show off the clarinet player at the center of the circle, hopefully you get a feel for that here:
haaa this little girl just makes me smile.  I feel like this image needs a caption, but I’m not sure what…
chambersburg-wedding-photographer-131-2Mike & Laurie steeped outside briefly during sunset and spent time near the weeping willow tree at the back of the restaurant.  Such a romantic moment: chambersburg-wedding-photographer-132-2

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