Waynesboro Wedding Photographer: Haven & Al’s Farm Wedding

An amazingly styled backyard farm wedding, with apple throwing, gator rides and a magical coat that can make anyone dance…
The entire family worked together to prepare their home farm to be Haven & Al’s wedding venue.  They cleared out the top floor of the barn and brought in hay bales covering them with cozy quilts and wrapping the rafters in white lights.  I chose to display Haven’s dress here as it really gives you a feel for the wedding day 🙂
Awesome wedding shoes, an amazing pair of Corral Boots on the wooden bed of her father’s Ford pick up truck.  You will get to see the truck in it’s full glory in a bit, but until then, the boots– wowza!
Al and his friends share the same sense of humor and enjoy craft beer.    Al was actually initially introduced to Haven by his brother, Mitch, who you should be able to recognize right away from the rest of the line up…
Now it’s time for the first look… we had the entire farm to work with, but the apple Orchard really caught my imagination so we hopped on the gator and went for a ride up to the top.  Here is the moment Al first saw Haven in her dress, she almost seems to be walking on air…
A pleasant walk turned into apple picking and apple picking quickly turned into apple throwing and apple throwing turned into throwing their hands up and going for a gator ride between the rows of apple trees.  So fun and so “them”…
Their amazing eye color just had to be captured, so here is is, also this is the Ford Pickup that I told you about earlier with the photo of Haven’s boots…  We started with a shot of Haven and Al and then added the entire bridal party on the tailgate!
Haven’s parents escorted her down the aisle to meet her husband to be.  The flower girl looked to her big brother, the ring bearer, for help.  He jumped right in, he reached his hand into her pail and carefully arranged the petals on the ground, what an awesome brother!
Haven’s niece was captivated by the ceremony.  She stood and watched peeking from beside the barn ladder as the rest of the guests sat and watched.  I thought it was so sweet how she leaned on the ladder and reached back to play with her hair here:
This was totally not staged, it was just Al being Al on the way out of the ceremony, he married his best friend…
While the couple enjoyed the golden light out in the field the boys made their own football field in the yard.  Maybe it’s the truck, the white picket fence, the glow of autumn light, but this looks more like a Norman Rockwell painting than it looks like real life.
Haven & Al’s wedding day felt exactly the same way– it was incredibly smooth and relaxed!  To their credit, everyone worked/planned hard before the wedding day, when the day came they just enjoyed it.  🙂
Home cooked, fresh farm food was definitely an important theme for the day.  They also had a pig roast and even ice cream that was churned by an actual John Deere tractor.  Their favors were apple butter that was homemade together by Haven & Al’s mothers!  Yes please on the pumpkin cupcakes:
The mood in the room was free, light and easy… children played, people laughed and everyone was comfortable. As apartment folklore has it, anyone wearing this magical faux fur will be graced with amazing dance moves.  Several members tried it on (someone even put it on me haaaa)  here is the jacket bringing out Al’s mojo:
Haven and Al, thanks so much for inviting me to be a part of your wedding day– it was absolutely incredible!  I wish you both all the very best and many happy years to come!

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