Central PA Wedding Photographers: Michelle & Matt at Stratigos

An upbeat couple surrounded by vibrant fall foliage, fun, laughter & celebration…
Michelle and Matt’s relationship had some pretty big moments over the years and all seemed to happen in autumn.  Fall is the time when they started dating, the time of year when Matt “popped the question” and when they exchanged vows to become husband and wife.
Michelle is an artist and loves fun, vibrant color and the playfulness that it ads.  They chose a perfect mid-October day in North Huntington, Pennsylvania, and I was sure to capture all of that beautiful color throughout their wedding day!
I’ll open their wedding blog with photos of Michelle and Matt right before the first look.  Matt is a kind, down-to-earth guy with a laid back attitude and huge heart, Michelle is bubbly, vibrant and such a joy to be around.  She always has a twinkle in her eye and is stunningly beautiful (she reminds me of Scarlet in Gone with the Wind)
I told you!  Can’t you see her saying, “oh Fiddle-dee-dee” here?  Scar–let!  This is Matt’s expression during the first look– doesn’t he look like a kid on Christmas day?    What a lovely moment for both of them!
The farm was a perfect place for their first look and formal photos.  It couldn’t have been more iconic– the leaves, the horse, the apple, the soft sunlight– it was all so beautiful.
I tried to just choose one of these horse photos, but I couldn’t do it, this first one is so pretty and the second one is so funny and really shows the fun, carefree spirits that Michelle and Matt share.
That horse *really* likes apples and tried to sneak it out of Matt’s hand as they looked over towards me for the photo :).  It made him laugh out loud…
The bridal party arrived and were a whole lot of fun as well as being super supportive and helpful.  Most of these ladies were sisters or cousins of Michelle and have been in her life since the beginning…
Love this photo!  I knew how much Michelle loved the fall foliage and really wanted to see the purple to pop against it.  In this image they are surrounded by color and all looking fabulous themselves, too!
A cute yellow trolley picked them up and they enjoyed that ride to the church listing to some music, relaxing together before the big moment.  And speaking of the big moment, here is Michelle’s father walking her down the aisle…
The ceremony was lovely.  Michelle had tears in her eyes throughout the exchange of vows.  Michelle shared that she always cries at weddings because she is overflowing with happiness.   I like that you can see her sister’s expression in this photo as well.
Michelle’s mom gave Matt a big hug during “passing the peace”.  She seems to have the same genuine, loving spirit as Michelle.  I think emotion is such a beautiful thing and I love when families show their hearts like this.
Haha this was more of “stolen moment” than anything else– grandpap  has always been a very important person in Michelle’s life and probably the one who Michelle and her mom got thier sentimental side from.  Here he is escorting Michelle’s grandma out of the church.  They seem so pleased for the happy couple.
While so much action is outside of the church with all the bubbles, I was drawn to Michelle & Matt’s silhouette and the stained glass that could be seen from the inside of the church.  We included both perspectives in their full set of photos, but I am especially drawn to this image,  with the light bouncing off Michelle’s cheekbones and showing off her waist.  You can also see the “bubble blowers” if you look carefully.
I love the celebratory nature of this shot, too– the wind kicked up just at the right time to give a perfect flow to her dress– so pretty!  From there the happy couple hopped back in the Trolley and headed to Stratigos Banquet Centre.
This is probably one of the sweetest moments of their wedding…  Matt is singing the Beatles song, “Michelle” to Michelle during their first dance.  One of their first connections as a couple was their shared love for the Beatles.  They are Matt’s favorite band.
Also worth noting, many of you have probably been drooling over Michelle’s gown and accessories…  I love a dress with sleeves a bit of sparkle, myself.  Michelle actually bought the sheer top separately from the dress and sewed the rhinestone trim on herself.  I told you she was crafty!  She actually purchased the trim on etsy as well as the belt and headpiece.
Michelle is definitely Daddy’s girl.  He gave a speech and mentioned how proud he was of Matt and Michelle (though I probably did’t have to say it, I think his face says it all) and that he knows they are truely in love.
Matt’s brother was his best man and gave a touching speech.  He recalled stories from their childhood and said how much he loves both of them and told Michelle to take good care of Matt.  So very sweet.  Michelle, you have such a soft, beautiful heart and I think that really shows here…
Matt dancing with his mom was very upbeat and fun and left the two of them smiling ear to ear…
Now it was party time and Jamie Simpson from House Rockers DJ absolutely delivered.  Michelle and Matt were hoping for a packed dancefloor (ahem, just check out the photo below), lots of colorful goofy props and an atmosphere where everyone was comfortable and having a good time.
There are sooo many awesome moments that we caught on the dancefloor that is was really difficult to choose which image to post so I created a little collage.  This shows the bouquet toss (lots of single ladies haha) and friends and family rocking out with Jamie’s props.
And they lived happily ever after :).  If you look closely you can see water drop not only from the fountain, but also in the background as well.  It has been a clear day with blue skies all day.  It made Michelle think of movie moments and how rain is supposed to be a sign of change.  What a fitting beginning to this new chapter in their relationship and lives.
Michelle & Matt I wish you all the very best!  Thank you for sharing such a special day with me.  I’m excited to show you your full set of images 😉

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