Shippensburg Senior Portrait Photographer: In the woods with Maggie

Shippensburg competitive distance swimmer, Maggie, has bright eyes, a stunning smile and great personality…
It was soooo cold when we met in mid-November for Maggie’s senior portrait session.  Despite the conditions, which had Maggie bundling up between photos, the light and soft, muted colors are simply amazing this time of year!  Maggie is a swimmer, so she’s used handling the cold and if you read this blog often you know that I’m usually up for anything 🙂
Maggie us a distance swimmer and has built up her endurance over the years, her stroke is freestyle and she swims almost year round.  Maggie ran her first half marathon at age 15 and is a pretty fierce competitor.  I really like this image of her because you can almost see that focus and intensity in her eyes…
While Maggie is an intense competitor, she’s quiet at first until you get to know her.  I like the image below because it shows the beauty of her quiet side and how pensive she can be.  She is definitely a “still waters run deep” type, who has a lot on her mind, even if she doesn’t always vocalize it.  I like how that can be seen here:
I like how the image above shows both strong lines and angles with her arms and a soft expression.  That is such an unusual combination and something that I really wanted to capture.  Below you can see how relaxed she is, this scenery was just perfect for her:
Showing a bit of her energetic, playful side…  Maggie is always on the go and lives an active lifestyle, when she’s not swimming competitively, she spends time outdoors with friends.  I like the fun, easy feel of this photo.
There is something so beautiful abut this photo– maybe it’s the soft, entangled vines that frame her face mixed with the sweetness of her body language or expression(?)   It is hauntingly beautiful in my opinion…
Maggie has a beautiful smile (it may have something to do with her parents who are both densitists, hehe) but it totally lights up the room.  I like how natural and relaxed she is here.
Rather than spending the end of her session in the pool, an idea we had toyed with, she added the rest of her family in for a mini family portrait session.  it was a perfect fit!

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