Liberty Mountain Resort Engagement Photographer: Snowboarding with Brianna & Jake

Snowboarders in their element!!! A snowy evening on the slopes with two high school sweethearts…
I’ll start out with some backstory…  Brianna & Jake met in highschool– he was senior who played the drums and could *drive* which is totally impressive to any 15 year old girl,  haha.  But their relationship grew into much more as they got to know each other over the years…
Brianna & Jake have become each other’s best friend & support.  Jake fell for Brianna’s kind heart, the way she is a thoughtful, honest and caring.  Brianna loves how Jake is driven and able to set and achieve his goals, follow his beliefs and how important family is to him.
Jake knew Brianna was “the one” for years, but waited for the right timing.  Once they settled into their careers (Jake is an engineer and Brianna is a teacher) it was time to pop the question.  Here is the beautiful ring he used to propose:
They chose Liberty Mountain Resort for their engagement session because it is one of their favorite places to be together as they pretty much spend the entire winter there.  They even daydream about it during the summer months.  Actually, you will be seeing more of them at Liberty Mountain Resort on my blog this summer as they also chose it as their wedding venue, too!
Jake has a great sense of humor and is quick on his feet, both he and Brianna enjoy bringing out each others witty, silly side.  I thought this image really captured that part of their personalities with Brianna’s “fish-bowl” reflection in Jake’s goggles, hehe.  Love his grin here, too…
They both mentioned how much they support each other which I think comes across in this photo particularly…I also like how you can see thier snowboards and ski lift too, it gives you a sense of place as well as emotion ;).
They can snowboard holding hands which is pretty cute– Jake faces backward while Brianna faces forward.  They have been doing this for a while but one of the first times when Jake was teaching himself to snowboard backwards and Brianna took his hands to help him to balance, so apparently she is literally supportive of him, too, haha.
I loved the vibrant color from the backlit tree and nearly purple sky, I also like how it was actually snowing during our shoot, pretty cool!
I tried to get a little creative here, playing with the lighting in this image, I wanted a dark sky and bright snowflakes and ended up using a gridded off camera flash.   I love it’s emotion, contrast, depth and texture.  Guys you are adorable.
A pit stop at the firepit to warm up for a few moments…
liberty-mountain-resort-wedding-photographer-engagement-photographer-creative-12liberty-mountain-resort-wedding-photographer-engagement-photographer-creative-13Brianna & Jake– it has been such a pleasure getting to know the two of you and I’m so excited for your Boulder Ridge wedding at Liberty Mountain this summer!!!

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