Sayre Mansion Wedding Photographer: Amanda & Tony

Joyful newlyweds share an intimate ceremony at the stunning Sayre Mansion in Bethlehem, PA…
Amanda and Tony wanted a wedding venue that would be elegant, unique and allow them to explore a new location together– Sayre Mansion was the perfect venue for their spring wedding.  While their style was classic & traditional, they brought in a playful yellow pop of color, which suited their fun-loving spirits so well.
Here are a few classic, timeless portraits of these two, what a sharp, window-lit look…
The ceremony was short, sweet and officiated by the thoughtful Rev. Susan Vollmer
There were definitely some happy tears shed during the vows…
“I now pronounce you husband and wife”– what a look of absolute joy on both of their faces at that point… then it was sealed with a kiss 😉
sayre-mansion-wedding-photographer-01Once the ceremony had finished, they sent a few text messages– one to “Skee” who is their Big Brothers Big Sisters “couples match”.   Tony became involved with the program due to Amanda’s passion for the program and the children involved in it.  Amanda has been really impressed by Tony’s involvement in the program.
They usually hang out with Skee once a week and text and talk on the phone in between.  I like how you can actually read her text below and see Tony’s shiny new wedding band in the background…
Time to kick up your feet and relax, let it all soak in…  Amanda shared that Tony is funny, particularly witty.  They are both avid readers and board game players, so relaxing and joking around a bit  in the library was totally up their alley.
Hello bright eyes!  When I first talked to Amanda on the phone we just clicked, maybe it was our shared love of all things board-game-geeky or maybe it was just her fun, joyful, relatable personality.   She shared that she wanted a couple of traditional portraits, but she wanted most of the photos of them to be interesting and artistic.  Here are a few of my favorites…
This Moravian star hanging from the ceiling is a key component of Bethlehem Pennsylvania culture :).  This windowed-ceiling is the perfect place to view the sky, so pretty during the day and at night!!!
We ventured down in the wine cellar for this final shot…
Aftersundown, the happy couple enjoyed a private dinner for two catered by Lehigh Valley’s Premier Caterer, Karen Hunter…  Bon Appetit, Mr & Mrs and goodnight, beautiful Sayre Mansion.  😉

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