Creative Hershey Gardens Engagement Photographer: Amanda & Jason

Emotional, vibrant, natural engagement photos at Hershey Gardens
Amanda & Jason were looking for a wedding photographer to capture their once in a lifetime moments in a creative way, someone who would be able to “press the pause button” on those fleeting moments and allow them to see and share their love for each other in years to come.
I will start by sharing one of those timeless, emotional images– this photo says so much more than I could ever say in words, but you can really see the love and trust that they have together…
They also really wanted photos that would show all of the vibrant colors of the gardens and each other– check out how their eyes really “pop” in this image, both have such interesting hazel eyes:
They chose to visit the scenic Hershey Gardens in Spring as they wanted a casual, natural, outdoorsy feel for their photos and know that the gardens would be amazing then with all kinds of interesting foliage.  They were absolutely right!
He only has eyes for her :).  Jason appreciates how smart and funny Amanda is and beyond that, he likes how well they compliment each other– he shared that they basically have exactly opposite strengths, so when one is weak the other is strong and they really balance each other out well.
He also said that she helps to keep him grounded and think through things more thoroughly, she helps him to be more responsible in many ways, especially with his health.    They are truly partners and best friends.  I caught her reflection in his sunglasses for this photograph:
Amanda really appreciates how Jason balances her out, she said she tends to see life and black and white, but Jason shows her the gray.  She said when she is too serious, Jason reminds her to laugh, take a moment and enjoy life.
Amanda shared that Jason is her rock and with him by her side she knows that she can accomplish anything.  I think that all of those thoughts and emotions can be seen in this photo, as she leans on Jason, eyes closed, trusting him to look out for her and have her back.  Pretty cool 🙂
Amanda & Jason started out as friends when they met each other ten years ago while working in a local restaurant.  They became friends almost immediately and spent a lot of time together but were are different places in their lives and eventually lost touch.
Jason had already enlisted in the army and was being shipped off to basic training just a few months after they met.  Amanda went on to become a medical laboratory scientist while Jason embarked on two deployments.
A mutual friend of theirs ended up inviting both of them out for drinks years later and rekindled the romance 😉  They stayed up all night talking, laughing, having a blast and started dating and have been together ever since.
Amanda & Jason– thanks so much for choosing me to capture these beautiful, once in a lifetime moments for you.  I am so happy to be the one to be by your side now and on your wedding day providing you with a tangible keepsake to capture all of the emotions present during your engagement and wedding!  You are both so much fun to be around and have many happy years ahead of you!

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