Creative Liberty Mountain Resort Wedding Photographers: Erica & Tony at Boulder Ridge

Vibrant colors, deep love & edgy style– yes these two climbed a wall in their wedding attire!!!
liberty-mountain-resort-wedding-photographer-boulder-ridge-120Erica & Tony are fearless, athletic, strong and are not afraid to live life on the edge.  They radiate confidence—doing things their own way, staying true to themselves, creating a path that is authentically theirs.  These two love deeply with huge hearts and an intense commitment to each other and their families.
They contacted me looking for photography with creativity, color and personality.  They liked how I take time to get to know my couples and capture their personalities.  I love the image above because it shows off their athletic, strong, playful natures!
In the image below, I wanted to give them a colorful, unique perspective of Erica’s wedding gown while also showing off their wedding venue, Boulder Ridge Lodge at Liberty Mountain Resort.
For the photograph of their wedding rings, I used the shadow from Tony’s hand-made copper wedding centerpieces.  Erica had mentioned how proud she was of him for creating them himself, so I thought incorporating them into their wedding detail photos would be a good fit…
Erica wanted flowers that were exotic and had a wow factor, and wow, did her florist (Cremer Florist) deliver!
Erica bought Tony barbell cufflinks and gave them to him as a gift.  She chose them because he lifts a few hours daily so even in a tux, she wanted his “tough guy” nature to shine through. 😉
Though when you get to know Tony, he is incredibly thoughtful, considerate and a very caring person…
Tony chose these black-on-black tuxes for the men because he wanted something that was very clean and sharp.  These guys were great to work with, too!  All of their friends and family were awesome 🙂
All about Owen– when Erica and Tony started dating, Tony became a “family man,” becoming a father figure to Owen.  They share the same bond of athletics and I like this photo of Owen looking up to Tony (literally) making muscles and Erica kissing his cheek.
Erica loves Tony’s strength and determination, he makes it easy to get though rough times because he stays calm and positive.  Tony loves Erica’s loyalty and how she will do everything she can to take care of their family…
Erica and Tony both wear tattoos for  each other– Tony’s is on his wrist and Erica’s is on her arm…
liberty-mountain-resort-wedding-photographer-boulder-ridge-118Climbing wall!  Talk about personality, here is Tony, living on the edge, climbing a rock wall reaching out to Erica and helping her to come out of her shell and join him.  Erica said this moment was her very favorite of the day because it was so “them”.
“Who gets to climb a rock wall with their best friend on their wedding day?”  It also meant a lot to have Tony help her up in her heavy dress– he got her balanced first, and then climbed up and reached down to her– very sweet!
“Girls are weird.” Owen age 7.  Haaa, I tried to get a ring bearer-flower girl photo,  I even said they could do something silly, these are the faces I got– haaaaaa….
Tony & Erica’s bridal party was such and interesting group of people!  I tried my best ot capture “both sides” of their personalities… they could be completely on-time, orderly, sharp and responsible and then also totally let loose and have fun, and bust out laughing like this…
I love this photo of Tony as he watches Erica walk towards him!  You can see his sleeve, gauge & barbell cufflinks as he wipes away tears….
During the ceremony, Tony called Owen up to the alter and gave him a special gift, a bat engraved with, “I hit a home run when I married your mom, I hit a grand slam when I gained you as a son.  I love you O.”  It meant a lot to Owen and was fitting because of the bond they share in baseball and sports.
Peach & aqua were Erica & Tony’s wedding colors…
I went outside for the cake cutting, I wanted to show off the deep blue of the night sky against the exterior of the lodge while also telling their wedding day story in a unique way…
Garter toss– Owen got it, haaaa!!!
I couldn’t pass up another opportunity for that colorful night sky– wow!
liberty-mountain-resort-wedding-photographer-boulder-ridge-139Again these athletes gave it 100% and went for a deep dip during their sparkler exit… amazing!  This is what trust looks like 🙂
Erica & Tony, thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your wedding day and opening up throughout this process so that I could get to know you and capture your true colors on camera!  I wish both of you all the very best and know that you have many happy years to come!

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