Shippensburg Senior Portrait Photographer: Laurell

Sunflowers, an incredible sunset & an adventurous senior who climbs in the stream…
Laurell loves sunflowers, so we worked together to find a place where they were in bloom.  One of my friends suggested we check out the little garden on campus.  We found the perfect little sunflower patch on the grounds of Shippensburg University and Laurell was super excited. 🙂
Laurel has a playful, spontaneous side and was up for anything throughout her senior portrait session.  Here she is taking a leap in the greenhouse.  So cute 🙂
Laurel likes photos of herself from farther away, so I was sure to get several of those throughout.  Time for another adventure, she climbed through the woods to Branch Creek.
We stayed by the bank of the stream for a bit, I love the lighting on Laurell and her mom loves close-up black and white photos.  I like how this photo shows off her bracelets and big, brown eyes, too!
Laurell climbed into the creek wearing a feminine, free-flowing shawl.  I like how the bend in her leg mirrors the tree branch and how the light is falling so beautifully on her face.
I wanted to show her free-spirited and playful side and the movement of the water with this slow shutter speed…
Laurel wore a lot of hats when she was little and her mom saved all of those little hats.  Her mother wanted one last photo of her little girl wearing a big, floppy hat.
Laurel also has a soft, girly side.  I like how the softness of the tall grass and overgrown woods really brings out that relaxed feeling.
She picked a wildflower while we were walking in the meadow and put it behind her ear.  Their is something so sweet about this photo…
Laurell’s hair is beautiful!  It’s naturally wavy and her mom loves it back, so she humored her with a few shots like this 😉
As the sun set, we headed to the top of a hill where we would a great view of it.  The colors were spectacular.  I like how the sunlight back-lit her hair and how her gorgeous eyelashes show in her silhouette.
Peace-out, Shippensburg 🙂
Laurell, it was a pleasure meeting you and your family and I wish you all the best with your future endeavors!

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