Peter Allen House Wedding Photographers: Anne & Justin

Love runs deep & “opposites attract” in this joyful, Southern Garden inspired wedding at the Peter Allen House
Anne and Justin love anything that is custom, unique and one-of-a-kind; from bikes to furniture, “custom” is their thing.  Anne reached out to her friends to try to find a wedding photographer that would bring a personalized approach and be able to capture thoughtful, unique, creative images on their big day.
She received two private messages suggesting that she check out Rhinehart Photography.  I was so excited when she contacted me, I was like “unique and custom is *exactly* what I do!”  Anne and Justin, I hope you enjoy these creative, personalized images and reading your wedding day story as it unfolds, here.
I’ll start with an photo of their transportation for the day, a custom Rolls Royce ready to escort Anne and her father from Peter Allen House proper to the grounds below where an open field waits for Anne and Justin’s wedding ceremony…
Anne arrived at the Peter Allen House early in the morning before anyone else to give herself a chance to take it all in and get centered.  She said the love that she was feeling in this moment, surrounded by some of the most important ladies in her life was overwhelming.  She said it was like a dream to be able to have her sister there.  She is experiencing deep pride and gratitude here:
Her accessories were all custom-made.  She wanted them to accentuate the pearls and lace of her wedding gown and fit the overall Southern vintage style of the day.  I chose to photograph her details in a timeless, classic and elegant way that would give a feel for the dramatic aesthetics of the Peter Allen House.
Descending the staircase and ready to head outside– Anne those eyes!!!!!
Justin shared that Anne has a bigger heart than most people will ever get to witness in their lifetime.  She gets such satisfaction from making other people smile and enjoy life.  She is also willing to support him and stay at his side through all of life’s ups and downs.  She is beautiful with a bright smile and eyes that glow with happiness.  He said he knows that there is no one else like her.  😉
Such pretty, vibrant florals!  They used roses, calla lilies, dahlias, hydrangea complimented by fern frocks and greens.  Here Anne is holding her bouquet:
Here are Anne’s bridesmaids all looking pretty in pink!  I love how the fuchsia gowns really pop against the greenery and the vibrant, yet sophisticated bouquet.  Each of the bridesmaids wore matching necklaces and bracelets and chose their own hairstyles…
Anne shared that she spent several months trying as hard as she could to get Justin to notice her, he finally did and the rest is history :). They are total opposites, which I will go into more detail about in a bit.   She loves him for his laid back personality and the deep love that he has for his family.
He is also extremely committed to Anne and keeps her grounded.  Anne shared that she couldn’t get over how incredibly handsome Justin looked and that she felt like the luckiest woman alive.  🙂
Justin has this cool-confidence about him, and I love this shot of him, walking in wearing shades, like they own the place.   It was clear that everyone has a deep respect for Justin and that his family means the world to him.
Justin shared that he knew that keeping his groomsmen on-task would be a job of it’s own, but really it comes down to mutual respect and they knew how much this day meant, so everyone was on-board.
That being said, they have all known each other for years and made sure to mess with him a little ;).   I love how this photo totally captures the dynamic of the groomsmen’s high-energy and Justin’s calm, confident “What do you think you are doing?” attitude.
Cheers, guys!
Anne & Justin love music and lyrics in particular, they infused this idea throughout their wedding.   The ceremony started with Violin music by Zhenya.  She played a mix of modern music including songs like U2’s “Beatufiul Day” and “Bittersweet Symphony” by the Verve.
The ring bearers wore straw hats with navy blue accents and carried a chalkboard sign that read “Here Comes the Bride”– so cute:
Anne & Justin both said seeing each other on the wedding day was an incredible experience.  Justin said watching her walk towards him was like nothing he had ever experienced before.  He said he was overcome with emotion and so incredibly proud to be able to call her his wife.
Being surrounded by family and friends was such a high point for them and I wanted to capture it.  I stealth-fully “snuck” to the bottom of the field and photographed them being literally surrounded.  I love the perspective and balance of this photo as Anne & Justin stand beneath the arbor that her father constructed for them.  Knowing Anne, this is the sort of photo she will likely pour over later, zooming in on everyone’s faces.  🙂
The ring exchange!  This is one of the places where having top-of-the-line photography equipment really comes into play.  I love that I can capture close-up wedding photos like this while remaining a respectful distance away from the bride and groom.
The end of the ceremony was incredibly surreal for both of them– to have everyone congratulating them and walking past everyone as “husband and wife” was just incredible.
While Anne & Justin were first drawn to my creativity and ability to tailor my wedding coverage to each client rather than having a “cookie cutter approach,” they also liked how eclectic my coverage was, from capturing candid moments, to small details, to high-quality traditionally posed portraits.
Here is one of those portraits, it shows Anne and Justin with Anne’s immediate family:
Anne and Justin spent some time exploring the beautiful grounds of the Peter Allen House as husband and wife.  The grounds were absolutely stunning, full of lush greenery and a diverse mix of locations and lighting.  I like this photo because it shows how joyful and in-love these two are– wowza what a bouquet, too!
Anne & Justin are total opposites.  While she works with numbers in a corporate office, he works with his hands in a mechanic shop, she runs a mile a minute while he is calm and relaxed, she plans out her life and he is spontaneous, her head is in the clouds and he is grounded…
With all of these differences,  they have a few things in common– they love their families, they love to have fun and they love each other.
The couch– when Justin found out that this pink velvet couch for sale he picked it up for Anne immediately.  She loved how well it went with their decor and wanted to put it outside for use in their wedding photos.  They plan to take anniversary photos annually, which is such a fun idea!
I have several photos of them on the couch, but this one is my favorite.  I like the lighting and colors and how posh they look in this scene.
Beautiful scenes and gardens were ever-present at the Peter Allen House.  Wedding guests enjoyed the scenery as they meandered about on the property.
Haaaa two adorable flower girls found  the velvet settee:
The tent was spectacular….
Decorated with ferns, moss letters (created by Anne– fitting as she loves to work with numbers) and flower boxes constructed by Anne’s father using wood from his father’s old barn.
Anne’s father welcomed everyone to the reception and was a real highlight of the evening!  He opened the evening letting Justin know exactly what he had gotten himself into haaaa (he seemed almost like Tony Soprano or Scarface) then changed his tune saying that Anne looked FAAAAbulous.
He ended giving words straight from the heart that walked them thfough their future together and how it will take them years to understand what love really is, though life, kids, family and giving them his blessings.  Very well done.
peter-allen-house-wedding-photographer-harrisburg-creative-127Anne & Justin’s first dance surrounded by their closest family and friends…
Song lyrics were creatively and subtly infused through much of the day.  Here is one of Anne’s personalized signs that appeared next to a basket of flip flops.  Remember that classic, almost robotic 1980’s song?
With so much focus on the importance of family and friends I knew that a collage of photos from the dance floor was totally in order…
More song lyrics, this time a Flo Rida reference haaa, such a clever idea to use for the wedding guests’ favors:
Here the sun is setting behind the Peter Allen House as Justin & Anne stand beneath the lovely stone gazebo.  I love this “happily ever after moment…
Anne & Justin, thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your wedding day!  It was such a pleasure getting to know you and your friends and family.  I am so glad you found me (shout out to Damien and Kacy).  I couldn’t have found someone more excited to have personal, artful, custom coverage.
It was incredibly hard to pick photos for this blog post, there are hundreds more coming your way soon.  🙂

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