Boat House Row Philadelphia Engagement Photographers: Allie & Tim

Creative, nautically-inspired Boat House Row engagement photos for a loving Philadelphia couple…
Allie spent several years of her life participating in crew regattas on the Schuylkill River, so the location is near and dear to her heart.  When she and Tim decided on a nautical vibe for their Stone Harbor wedding, they knew that Boat House Row on Kelly Drive in Philadelphia would be the perfect location for them.

Vesper Boathouse offered Allie & Tim use of their space outdoors as well as indoors, which was an incredibly strong “plan b” for in climate weather, but even proved useful during our shoot as Vesper has interesting architecture and breathtaking views of Philly!    Here Allie and Tim stand at the entrance at Vesper House.

Vesper has interesting architecture and history, too!  Over the years many Olympic athletes have hailed from Vesper, beginning with John Kelly (who Kelly Drive’s namesake) but possibly the most famous person, actress and royalty in fact, to be a member of the house is Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco.
Wind whipped the flags and interesting storm clouds were rolling in as Allie and Tim perched at the edge of the balcony enjoying the view from Vesper…
Ah the view, yes, it was pretty incredible!  You can see the Philadelphia Art Museum and Water Works as well as several other Philly landmarks in the distance while standing on a wooden boat dock hovering inches above the Schuylkill.  What a cute couple.  🙂
More amazing architectural detailing– stained glass inside of Vesper, such a beautiful moment…
Part way into their relationship, Tim got some big news– he had a job offer in Florida that he couldn’t pass up!  It is the type of news that can be great for a career, but hard on a relationship.   Allie chose to support Tim, which meant the world to him.  She even traveled to Florida several times to visit him.  That is just the type of woman Allie is. 😉
Tim shared, “She will drive with me to the middle of nowhere to wait in line for beer that only I care about.  She will talk to her mom everyday and FaceTime her nephews in Virginia because she can’t see them as often.  She even hangs out with my family and friends when I’m not around because she cares about them as much as I do.  She is a caring and supportive person.”
Their touching engagement story cleverly involved Allie’s nephews…
Allie’s little nephew, Declyn, was having his birthday in Virginia.  Tim was invited, but since he was living out of state in Florida, Allie didn’t expect him to attend.  He secretly came to the party bringing a small box wrapped in paper and asked Declyn to enlist Aunt Allie’s help opening the gift.
Allie believed she was helping Declyn to open his toy, but to her amazement there was a diamond engagement ring inside the box and Tim came from out of the woodwork to propose to Allie as she was surrounded by her family and loved ones!!!  Good one, Tim!
boat-house-row-philadelphia-philly-creative-engagement-wedding-photographers-9Allie and Tim’s first date was relaxed and low key, so it fit these two perfectly.  It was at a local pub in Philly where they enjoyed the Flyers game over dinner.  Introducing Samson, Allie and Tim’s dog– obviously also a Philadelphia flyers fan!
It was fun to see how much joy this little dog brings to these two!
Giving Allie kisses 🙂
Samson must be the happiest dog in the world!
They walked along Kelly Drive.  The boathouses made such pretty backdrops– I like how they are laughing here…
While Allie liked my work in general I know she is drawn to the soft, romantic look for her engagement photography.  I wanted to end with this photo that has boathouse row in the background and focuses on Tim and Allie.  I also like that relaxed feel that I think fits them so well.
Allie and Tim, I am beyond excited to photograph your wedding at The Reeds in Stone Harbor next year and wish you both all the very best!

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