Creative Pennsylvania Portrait Photographers: Meet the Herb Family

Playful, fun, fall family portrait session… I’ll open with a family photo that shows how much fun they have together and all of the high-energy, diverse personalities emerging:
Brownwyn is a photographer herself, so she appreciates the importance of having great photography, but is always behind the camera when it comes to photos of her own family.
I photographed each child alone with Brownwyn, something that was a treat for her.  Both of you have such stunning eyes!
I met Brownwyn and the rest of her family on her birthday last month (what a awesome gift!).
The goal of the session was three fold…

  1. To capture the family together, with Brownwyn actually in the photos. 😉
  2. To capture the family’s unique personalities individual interests and playful lifestyle
  3. To capture a few professional photos of Greg and Brownwyn together, something that hasn’t happened since their wedding!

I captured many photos of Brownwyn, like the images above and also took plenty of time to capture life as it happened, the kids playing with the fall leaves…
The twins with their silliness and mischievous grins…
The family’s playful attitude of embracing nature, adventure and fun…
I tackled the family portraits throughout the session, giving them variety in positioning and backgrounds making sure that nature played a key role.
These 4 cuties…
central-pa-pennsylvania-family-portrait-photographers-creative-unique-vibrant-colorful-8I also photographed each child in their element, too.  Here is Will showing off his spunk, bravery & fearlessness…
Rowen is the oldest, a great leader and a huge helper!
She also LOVES Star Wars and to hear her dad read aloud…
Greg is actually a pro when it comes to reading stories, he is a much loved kindergarten teacher in Shippensburg.  🙂
Maeve is a real sweetheart
She is into Disney princesses, so wearing a light, flowy dress that could capture that airy princess-feel was perfect for her:
central-pa-pennsylvania-family-portrait-photographers-creative-unique-vibrant-colorful-20Here she is cuddling with mom
Meet Will’s twin, Nora…
When the rest of the family wore their Chucks, she joined in but insisted on wearing mommies heels….
She is *literally* standing in her moms shoes in this photo…
I like how they are framed in gorgeous fall foliage for this family photograph– I can imagine this being the one you enlarge and put on a huge canvas in your home, guys!
Everyone is smiling, too!!!
While you have mostly seen the sweet, nature-loving and adventurous side of the Herb family, there is a very important trait you have yet to see…
Yes, they can be total goofballs 😉
As for Brownwyn and Greg, this being their first photos together as a couple since either wedding I wanted to make it count…. lookin’ good guys!
The romantic lighting was absolutely perfect here…
Herb family, thanks so much for choosing to have me capture your family together.  I tried to give you just the right mix of family portraits, fun, nature, emotion and personality.  You were all so much fun to photograph and I am so excited to hear what you think!!!

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