Creative Central Pennsylvania Senior Portrait Photographer: Emily

This outgoing, fun-loving senior loves to travel and is always up for an adventure…
Emily’s senior portrait session has been a long time in the making!
For the past several years, whenever Emily’s mom sees me, she mentions how much she’s looking forward to having me photograph Emily’s portraits.  They both really love my creative style and use of vibrant color as well as the way I capture a person’s personality and lifestyle.
Emily is such an interesting person with a strong sense of self and a eclectic style that is all her own.  I’ll start with a photo that shows a bit of her taste and style…
One of my favorite photos from the session!  To me it captures her love for travel, her open-minded easy-going personality that is always up for anything.  I like how the sun is streaming in from the left, too.  Such a fun shot:
Too cool for school– haaa!!!
I love the lines in this image– the long, straight lines of the trees that lead your eye down to Emily and the circles that are repeated in her earrings, her glasses and the bokeh from the dew drops on the grass below her.
Mud-splash!!!  I caught the little muddy water droplets mid-air.
I love how this captures her spontaneity and adventurous spirit… no the boots were not water resistant… but in Emily’s words, “They’ll dry, let’s go!”
Haaaaa, this is so her!  Seriously, Emily, what a kick!
This photo is her mom’s favorite :).  Her blue eyes and bright smile are amazing, but beyond that it shows her at the moment she is in right now sanding in that space between being a child and being an adult.
The reservoir is one of Emily’s favorite places in the world.  I could not get over the vibrant blue water, just stunning!  I like how her hat and the pine tree add some visual interest to this silhouette:
Emily also has a deeper, more spiritual side to her and loves the peaceful feeling of being out in nature.  I think this photo really captures that:
central-pa-top-best-creative-uninque-senior-portrait-photographer-8I tried to get a mix of more traditional portraits in with the more editorial shots that capture her lifestyle.
I saw this patch of moss and really liked the earthy feel of it and its vibrant color.  I explained my idea of having her lay on it and Emily was totally game– “Absolutely!  Whatever you think!”
I like how this photo totally engulfs Emily in nature while she is holding a flower in her hand.
She is wearing her favorite backpack, that wasn’t necessarily part of the shoot she wore it as we trekked from one scene to another throughout the Reservoir.
Her hands are making the symbol for “Young Life” a group that Emily is a part of and her surprised expression is thanks to me pointing out that I could totally see myself in her glasses, haaa!
As I mentioned Emily loves nature and has a unique personality and perspective on life.  I love this reflection where you can see the mountains and water.
Little minnows kept disturbing the surface of the water and making interesting ripples in it,  too…
Here is a more traditional portrait that shows off Emily’s stunning eyes.
It almost has a mysterious “Mona Lisa” quality to it:
Emily, you totally rocked this!  I used a slow shutter speed to show off the motion of the scarf…
I love the soft light in this image, the sun is getting lower in the sky. Her expression is equally soft and relaxed:
Her graduation year:
Emily it was such a treat to photograph you and get to know you more!  I’m so happy that you two love your photos :).   I am excited to see where you future takes you!

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