Eastlyn Wedding Engagement Photographers Vineland: Jen & Rory Part I

A romantic, elegant Eastlyn Country Club engagement…
Jennifer and Rory contacted me looking for unique, artistic photos that were full of color and life.
They wanted photos that would capture candid moments and the love they share (see above) as well as more traditional portraits (see below).
Jen shared that she can be more on the serious side, and that she really appreciates Rory’s ability to put her at ease.  She appreciates how carefree and supportive he is.
I thought that side of Rory shows in this photograph:
Jen & Rory chose the Eastlyn Country Club in Vineland as the first location for their engagement session because Rory is a member there and because they enjoy dressing up and eating out together.
(The location for part II of their engagement photos is actually at the Crossfit Gym that Rory owns and shows a completely different side to them!)
Here on the Golf Course they were surrounded by all of the beauty and vibrant colors of nature.  It was such a romantic setting!
Here is another more formal, traditional photo of this newly engaged couple.
I like how crisp and clear it is and the high contrast that is accentuated by the black and white treatment.
While Jen appreciates Rory’s cool, calm nature Rory appreciates Jen’s confidence.  I think both of those sides of their unique personalities can be seen in this photo:
They mentioned liking colorful photography and when I saw this tree branch with it’s vibrant leaves I knew I wanted to incorporate it into our photos somehow.
Such a sweet moment…
Even though they were all dressed up, it didn’t stop them from being the outgoing, athletic couple that they are. 🙂
Jen went off-road in her Louboutins through most of the photography session and at one point Rory even picked her up!
In fact, I think this is my favorite photos of them at Eastlyn:
Rory and Jen, as I mentioned this is just part I, part II (at the gym) is coming very soon!  Please feel free to share this blog post with your family and friends in the mean time 🙂

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