Creative DC Wedding Engagement Photographers: Alex & Matt

Creative, colorful fall engagement photos for a joyful DC area couple…dc-wedding-photographers-colorful-creative-unique-vibrant-1
Alex and Matt first found out about me from their wedding venue, where I am a preferred photographer.
They were looking for an eclectic mix photos that would be vibrant, joyful and unique.  I love the opening image and I think it possesses all of those qualities.
The fall leaves seemed to be a perfect place to put Alex’s engagement ring.  They helped me to find the most vibrant and interesting leaves for this photograph:
While I focused on getting colorful, creative photography, I made sure to get some sweet, “traditional” portraits, too!
Matt and Alex are always up for an adventure and can have fun anywhere.
Here they are skipping stones in the stream…
I wanted to capture the fall folliage as well as her ring and wound up on the ground for this one haha.
It is a unique perspective though and I really like it.  🙂
Alex and Matt are both engineers and have a serious side, but are also very playful and light-hearted.  Here they are having some fun in the autumn leaves.
I wanted to capture motion in this photo and used a slow shutter speed to accomplish that.
Alex and Matt have deep roots and Clifton plays a special role for them.  It is where Matt is from and where Alex has been visiting him and his family for over *ten* years.  dc-wedding-photographers-colorful-creative-unique-vibrant-7
This is probably my favorite shot from their entire engagement photography session!!!
The trees are actually bare and the leaves have fallen in the water…
It is so surreal that it really plays with your mind to look at it, right?
Matt & Alex are best friends before everything else in their lives.
I like this photo because I really think it gives you a feel for the trust and abundant joy they have in their lives.
I like how the sun is shining through the trees, creating orbs of light in the left corner of the frame:
dc-wedding-photographers-colorful-creative-unique-vibrant-11Alex and Matt I had a great time working with you and out at dinner afterwards!  I wish you all the very best and eagerly anticipate your upcoming Airlie Center Wedding!

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