Creative Senior Portrait Photographer Central PA: Madeline

Sweet, cozy senior portraits for this reader, runner & pianist…
Madeline contacted me looking for senior portrait photos that would be unique, relaxed natural, and capture her interests and personality.  She loves nature, running cross-country and piano.  Academics are important to her and she is a veracious reader.  She also has a creative, artistic side.
Here she is all cozy with her hat, scarf etc holding her favorite scrabble mug (it says triple word score at the bottom, haaa!):
We met at a beautiful pond that belongs to a friend of the family.  She has been going there since she was little.  Back then she would catch newts from this spot, but today she read a favorite book.
She loves to be out on the dock, surrounded by water and nature, very serene peaceful…  I wanted to frame her in the vibrant leaves and show their stunning reflection in that water…
Madeline is beautiful kind person, beauty comes through sincere joyful, shows in her eyes.
Love this cute pic of her:

Madelyn has such pretty hair and I really wanted to show it off in the photograph below.
She also has a little sassy-sarcastic side, which you can see a bit here:

Madelyn’s favorite genre is fantasy and when she reads she gets completely immersed in her books.
I like the other-worldly feeling of this photo.  It’s almost as if Madeline herself is on the right and her reflection (which almost appears to be made of feathers) is who she becomes when she is reading…
She’s very creative and artistic really wanted something unique.  I wanted to give her something completely surreal and love this photo:
While I like capturing very unique images during senior portraits, I also make sure to get more traditional photos as well:
She’s a thinker, and I like how this captures the way that she can get lost in her thoughts.

I like how this image shows both her playful side, and gives a  dream-like quality with the lighting and movement of the leaves…
She is a huge Harry Potter fan, and I could totally see her being Hermoione casting some sort of charm in this photograph 😉
Speaking of the playful side, here is a photo that shows just that:

She has been playing the piano since she was 5 and she loves music, it’s a hobby that she likes to tinker with…
Madeline in her natural habitat…
She really wanted natural, relaxed photos of her in her element.  Here she is reading on a tree stump out in nature.  It really is quite perfect.
Madelyn likes all things that are sweet, fluffy and fuzzy.  Being that she wasn’t ablet o bring her cat to her senior portrait photography session, we settled for this…
While many of the photos above show her soft, quiet, dreamy side, she can also be a fierce competitor when it comes to Cross Country and academics.
Madeline found her sport niche in Cross Country, she has been very successful in it.  She even went to districts this year!
I really like this photo of her because she almost looks like a lioness.  You can see how much she enjoys running:pa-senior-portrait-photographer-creative-unique-artistic-vibrant-16
We were actually driving back home and Madeline remarked at how incredible the sunset was.  We pulled over and stopped quick.  I captured this silhouette:
This next photograph is so fitting for this point in her life, many things come to mind, relating to her personal journey and path (even the road less traveled, ahem Sarah, Denise & Ginger).
In short, she is ready for the next chapter (like the book-loving pun?), future is looking bright….
Madeline, it was a real pleasure capturing your senior portraits and has been such a joy to see you grow into such an amazing woman from the little girl that I used to see at the library.
I wish you all the very best in all of your future endeavors!!!

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