Hershey Wedding Engagement Photographer: Erica & Jay at Troegs

Fun, relaxed Troegs Brewing Company engagement featuring craft beer and lots of love…
Erica & Jay contacted me looking for unique photographer who would tell their story through the use of creative imagery.  They wanted a photographer who could capture their fun, playful personalities and natural, candid moments as well as more traditional portraits.
Above you can see a more creative photograph where I used a shallow depth of field to focus on their craft beer and her engagement ring and give them a little privacy in the background, hehe.   I love the vibrant orange wall and how saturated all of the colors are in that photo.
Below is another one of their preferences, a more traditional portrait… I wanted theirs to have a more relaxed vibe.  I liked the simple color and texture of the wall and all of their lovely layers– what a cute couple!
They chose Troegs Brewing Company in Hershey because they have never had a beer from Troegs that they haven’t liked, so naturally they needed to try them all on draft ;).
Doing this on thier engagement session was a fun experience and also helped to calm any “first time photo-shoot” nerves, haha.
They began with a brewery tour where they were both able to explore Troegs at their own pace…
Jay was a beer enthusiast before craft beer was a “thing” ;).   When they first started dating, Erica wasn’t much of a beer drinker but has since grown to really enjoy it!
She was completely sold last fall when they traveled to Europe and made a stop at Munich Germany for their infamous Octoberfest.  They had the most amazing beer at every stop, what a fantastic experience!
I like reflections as they add depth and visual interest to photos, so I really like the background of the next photo.  Such a sweet moment!  What a beautiful smile you have, Erica!
Erica and Jay were particularly interested in seeing me flex my creative muscles and use unique photography techniques that they haven’t seen before.
This next photo features Erica’s *stunning* engagement ring and utilizes back lighting, reflection and captures dramatic shadows that really make her diamond engagement ring stand out and pop!
I used a similar technique to capture a photo of Erica and Jay together and used symmetry in my composition in order to capture part of their unique relationship.
They definitely both enjoy traveling!  Erica shared that she and Jay are pretty much the same person with wildly opposite demeanors.   They first met to discuss their travels together, as Erica had been to Africa and Jay had visited Nepal, India & Southeast Asia.
The symmetry captures their similarities and how they see eye-to eye in their values, morals and interests.   Visually, I like the vibrant colors and rim lighting and dramatic contrast.
There are contrasts in their personalities as well.  Jay shared that Erica is level-headed, practical, organized and consistent.  He is more of an out-of-the-box thinker with big dreams and ideas.
While Jay is able to get Erica out of her comfort zone and help her to take life less seriously, she keeps him from getting lost in the wilderness (how most of his backpacking trips ended before they started dating), haaaa!
Jay mentioned that even from the first day they met it felt like they had known each other for years.
He said that he appreciates Erica’s strength, intelligence and open-mind.  He loves to hear her sing and watch her interact with children.
Erica shared that she and Jay are each other’s biggest fans.  She appreciates how Jay is patient, kind and could find commonality with anyone he meets.  He is intelligent and absolutely her soul mate!
I liked the soft layers that they wore throughout their engagement session.  The layers not only proved them with warmth but also provided a visual for the cozy, relaxed, romantic feeling and how comfortable and natural they are together…
While the Troegs Brewery parking lot might not come to mind as a stunning romantic photography backdrop (people typically come to Troegs for the indoor amenities– great beer,  brewery tour and incredible tasting room), we certainly used it as one.
I thought it was the perfect location for these affectionate, nature-loving travelers and beer enthusiasts.
Jay showed his romantic, adventurous side in volunteering to scale the hill with Erica.  The sun had set and twilight had begun.  I love capturing authentic, fun moments like this!
I like this next photo because, for me, it symbolizes all that is unwritten and the many adventures that they will have together in the future.
I could see them enlarging this and pinning polaroids of thier adventures all over it and filling it up in time.  🙂
Erica and Jay, thanks for choosing me to be your wedding and engagement photographer and opening up about your relationship & just being yourselves around me!
It was such a pleasure to get to meet you two in person and I am eagerly anticipating your Lehigh Valley Wedding at Lock Ridge Park and Bear Creek Mountain Resort this summer!

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