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Hello there!  I am here to give you a peek inside Rhinehart Photography Wedding Albums– the materials we use, our design philosophy, and basically what we do and why we do it.  You should come out with a better understanding of what we offer and which options will work best for you.
Why wedding albums?  
Albums are a tangible, visual collection of memories from your wedding day that allow you to share and re-live your wedding story for years to come.  Rhinehart Photography albums are a carefully curated family heirloom that can be viewed by future generations regardless of how much technology changes throughout the years.
I wanted my albums to be chic and luxurious while also being durable and able stand the test of time both physically and aesthetically.  I also wanted them to be unique– customizable to my couple’s personal style.
Here is an Italian Leather album in nabuk with branding detail…
Here is a Japanese silk album with cameo detail….
High-quality materials:
Rhinehart Photography albums lay flat so that images can span from one page to the next.  In the case of our deluxe 12×12 albums, this means a single image can span 2 feet across!
Pages themselves are incredibly thick and contain a thick sub-straight between each page.  Our albums are hand-made in the United States.
Custom Cover Options:
I value uniqueness in my clients and like to give options for customization.  I offer many cover options from fine Italian leathers to Japanese silks and even Vegan fabrics.
Offerings change from time to time, but here are a the Italian leathers that I am currently using.  They feel incredible– very luxurious and thick– a material that woudl be used for a designer handbag.
Here you can see some of the unique textures and colors that are currently offered in Italian leather:
best-wedding-albums-top-best-wedding-phtoographers-creative-unique-classic-timeless-elegant-philly-dc-nyc-harrisburg-3_webHere you can see some of the unique textures/colors that are offered in Japanese silks & Vegan linen:
best-wedding-albums-top-best-wedding-phtoographers-creative-unique-classic-timeless-elegant-philly-dc-nyc-harrisburg-6_webCurating your album:
Hundreds of photos are carefully curated to tell your unique wedding story.  You may be as involved as you would like in the album design process.  Most clients choose to have me design their album fully using my professional expertise, others give me a list of their favorite images to work from.  I am comfortable with whatever works best for you. 🙂
Custom design:
Rather than starting with a template and fitting your images into it, I start with your photos and create a design that best compliments the images and tells your story.  I like my album spreads to be chic and simple.  Here are a few spreads that I have designed, each folds in half utilizing the lay-flat binding to create your square album:
Parent albums: 
Here is a standard 10×10 30 page Italian Leather album with it’s parent replica album.
Standard vs. Deluxe albums:
Currently, our standard albums are 10×10 30 page albums and deluxe are 12×12 50 page albums.   While two inches might not seem like much, it offers 44% more space– pair it with the additional 20 pages and the deluxe album fits roughly *twice* as many photos.
That being said, either album can tell a complete wedding day story, it is just a difference in how much detail each is able to delve into and is really a matter of personal preference.
I hope you have enjoyed this peek into Rhinehart Photography albums!  I am incredibly proud of the albums we offer and this is probably the next best thing to seeing them first hand.  😉

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