NYC Senior Portrait Photographers: Central Park & Bethesda Terrace

Winter in Central Park with a sweet senior from Texas
Grace’s mother, Jennifer, contacted me wanting a unique senior portrait experience for her daughter.   While they live in Texas, Grace loves New York City as well as winter weather and the woods.  They decided to make a long weekend of it and travel to NYC, spend some mother-daughter bonding time out at shows and sight-seeing and have her senior portraits taken in Central Park.
Her timing was absolutely perfect as there happened to be a snow storm a few days before Grace’s photography session.  Jennifer said she was looking for a photographer that had unique, creative, eye catching images that looked fun and incorporated the surroundings.
Beyond that she enjoyed the way my photos showed more than just the senior and setting.  She said they seemed to have a voice of their own and tell the story of a person and the levels and layers of their personality.  Grace’s friendly, out-going personality is captured along with the gorgeous architecture here:
While Grace can be completely fearless and bubbly she also has a more sassy, witty, sarcastic side, too.  I think that this photograph really gives you a glimpse into that side of her.
Grace, you are drop-dead gorgeous, just saying ;).
We walked throughout Central Park, but spent the majority of our time walking along Bethesda Terrace.  The architecture has a classic NYC feel and has olive tones that really compliment Grace’s auburn hair.
She was so thrilled to have snow in this photo as she only has seen snow in Texas on a couple occasions in her lifetime.  I feel like she’s ready for a magazine spread here:
The bare trees and intricately carved stone passageway  were breathtaking.  I love all of the texture and contrast in this image!  The doorway presented the perfect frame and I actually like the people subtly meandering through the background…
Grace’s mom really wanted Grace to be able to let go and show her true colors so that I could capture all of those aspects of her personality that she loves so much.
She said that Grace can be so light-hearted and fun and has this spontaneous side that experiences life and always has a good story to share about her day when she gets home.  I believe that really comes across here:
One of the things that Grace loves about winter is being surrounded by cold but being cozy and warm.  The soft, blurred tree branches and cozy sweater wrapped over the fingers while the wind tossed her hair really captured that cozy feeling for me.
Just looking at this photo makes me feel cozy!
She loves snow and made a heart-shaped snowball here:
Grace is a real character and has a goofy side, too.  Though she kept it under wraps through most of her senior portrait session, when she playfully kicked up some snow, the wind blew her umbrella inside out and I got a little peek… hehe
Grace has a real depth to her and an appreciation for theater and the arts.  I wanted to capture an image that was almost surreal and super creative and artistic.
Rain began falling in a puddle on the black-top nearby.  I caught the lines and texture of the ripples the silhouette of the tree branches and Grace’s hand dropping the umbrella momentarily to take in the rain.
It is one of my favorite photos from her portrait session, because I think it really captures her love of life and her passion for NYC.
Grace it was such a pleasure to get to meet you and to try to get your larger-than-life personality to fit into a two dimensional medium.   I hope that these images allow you to re-live your senior trip with your mother for many years to come and affirm the young woman that you have become. 🙂
Thank you Jennifer for entrusting these once in a lifetime moments with me.  It was such a treat to meet both of you!

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  1. Hello! I’m from Dallas/Ft. Worth and my daughter will be a senior next year. We are looking to surprise her with a trip to NY for her 18th bday in Sept. and would like to have senior portraits done while we are there. We may bring a friend so there could be 2 senior portraits to be done. I really like all the pics of Grace on your website. Those locations in Central Park are the places that my daughter LOVES…Bethesda Fountain, etc.
    Would you please provide more information on your senior sessions, pricing, etc.
    Thank you!

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